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Miscellaneous Features

A CV setting of 5, for example, requires you to quickly increase the throttle by at least five speed steps before the whistle will sound off.

Tip: Use the momentum CVs 3 and 4 to help minimize any sudden changes in locomotive speed when the throttle is turned up. A quick flick of the throttle knob (i.e., turn it up and then immediately back down) will usually sufficient to activate the whistle without causing any undo change in actual speed.

Brake Squeal Sensitivity The automatic brake squeal is activated whenever Tsunami senses a sudden decrease in the throttle setting (or track voltage in analog mode) as set by the value in CV 196. This CV can be set to any value between 0 and 126 but as with CV 195, you will want to use a value between 3 and 10. Too low a setting will result in the brakes squealing with speed decrease and too high a setting will require an extreme change in the throttle to trigger the sound.

As an example, a CV setting of 3, requires you to quickly lower the throttle by at least three speed steps before the brake squeal comes on

Analog Mode

While Tsunami is first and foremost a DCC decoder, it may be used on a DC powered layout, within certain limitations, by enabling the Analog Mode feature. First set CV 12 to 1 and then set CV 29 to a value that enables analog mode as well as any desired DCC parameters such as the address range and so forth as discussed under Step 2, ‘Configuring the Decoder’ earlier in this manual.

Analog Mode Operation When analog mode is enabled, you may control your locomotive using an ordinary power-pack though operation will be a bit different than when running non-decoder equipped locomotives.

With the power pack’s throttle set to zero, Tsunami will be silent as it has no power. The throttle must be turned up to around 5 volts or so to provide sufficient voltage to power up Tsunami’s internal circuitry. At this point, you will begin to hear the background sounds such as the blower and airpump start.

Increasing the throttle further to around 7.5 volts or so will set the locomotive in motion, increasing speed as the throttle is increased. Note that the direction can only be changed when the locomotive is stopped. Load compensation is also disabled when operating in analog mode, as is the cam-synchronized exhaust chuff. When in analog mode, the Tsunami always reverts to auto exhaust using the chuff rate setting in CV 116.

When operating in analog mode, be careful not exceed Tsunami’s input voltage rating of 27 volts. When your track voltage exceeds 21 volts, Tsunami will automatically shut down and begin flashing Error Code 10 on both its diagnostic light as well as the headlight and backup light. When you see this

Tsunami Steam Sound User’s Guide

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