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Miscellaneous Features

Note that when you enable a particular function input for analog mode operation, it has the same effect as pressing the equivalent function key on your DCC cab. Tsunami’s function mapping settings will ultimately determine which output or sound effect is activated by the enabled function. Assuming you have not changed the default function mapping, then enabling the F0(f) function in analog mode will not only turn on the headlight, but the dynamo sound as well.

Analog Mode Motor Control Parameters

CV 63, Analog Mode Motor Start Voltage CV 63 allows you to increase the voltage difference between when the decoder first powers up and when the locomotive starts to move.

Normally, Tsunami will power up in Analog mode around 5 volts or so and the engine will begin moving around 7.5 volts. Under certain circumstances you may experience a condition where the decoder cycles back and forth between start up sounds and locomotive movement. The problem is usually due to a poorly regulated power pack output. The sudden increase in load due to the motor starting causes the track voltage to droop which in turn resets the sound decoder. By increasing the setting of CV 63, you can adjust the decoder so that when the motor starts, the track voltage will be sufficiently high so that any droop that occurs will not turn off or reset the decoder.

CV 63 may be set to any value between 0 and 255 corresponding to tenths of a volt. Thus, a setting of 23 adds 2.3 volts to Tsunami’s default start voltage of 7.5 volts.

CV 64, Analog Mode Maximum Motor Voltage CV 64 allows you to set the maximum average voltage that will be applied to the motor when operating in analog mode. This is useful for limiting a locomotive’s top speed as well as providing some margin of safety against burning out a motor whose voltage rating may be lower than your power pack’s maximum output

CV 64 may be set to any value between 0 and 255 corresponding to tenths of a volt. A setting of 180 therefore sets the maximum average motor to 18.0 volts.

Caution: Tsunami only limits the average voltage to the motor. The peak voltage applied to the motor will still be the same as the track voltage.

Tsunami Steam Sound User’s Guide

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