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Snifter Valve Just as you start to move the engine, you’ll hear the Pffffffft! of the snifter valve.

Johnson Bar Changing the locomotive direction will automatically activate the sound of the Johnson Bar being thrown one way or the other.

Fireman Fred Each time the engine is brought to a stop, Fireman Fred may attend to a randomly selected task (or tasks), including shoveling coal, oiling the side rods, and more.

Exhaust Chuff and Rod Clank The exhaust chuff and rod clank sounds are automatically generated whenever the locomotive is set into motion. Both effects may be optionally synchronized to a cam (see page 44) and may also be configured to vary in volume in response to load changes using Tsunami’s Dynamic Digital Exhaust setting (see page 54).

Activating other Functions and Effects

Depending on the number of function keys provided on your cab, you might have additional functions immediately available for you to activate.

Mute the Sound Pressing F8 on all Tsunami decoders will gradually mute all sound effects

  • -

    great for a quick answer of the telephone! Pressing it a second time will

allow you to hear the sounds again.

Water Stop All steam engines require water! The Water Stop initiates a sequence of events beginning with the fireman opening a rather squeaky water hatch, followed by the sound of water filling the tender. This effect is activated when the engine is stopped by pressing F9 and can be stopped by pressing F9 again. If the locomotive is started while the effect is running, the effect will automatically turn off.

Injector The injector delivers feed water to the boiler. Pressing F10 on all Tsunami decoders will turn on the sound of the injector. Pressing it a second time will turn the injector off.

Brake Squeal/Release The sound of the brakes squealing is typically heard just before the wheels of the locomotive stop turning. Pressing F11 when the engine is moving will initiate a brake squeal effect. Press F11 again to turn this feature off.

Tsunami Steam Sound User’s Guide

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