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If you should have any difficulties with the operation of your Tsunami Digital Sound Decoder, first check this section for hints on trouble shooting. We have found that most problems are caused by an errant CV value and are easily corrected. When all else fails, try resetting the CV values back to their defaults (see the section ‘Basic Programming’) and try again.

Locomotive doesn’t run but was working Address has been accidentally changed. Consist address (CV 19) was accidentally set. CV 29 has been changed to select other address. Acceleration and braking CVs set to very high values. Broken motor wire or track pickup wire. Tip: Check the decoder’s Pilot Light to confirm presence of track power.

Locomotive never ran See all the above. Decoder wired incorrectly.

Locomotive runs but makes no sound Mute function (F8) is on. Another function is re-mapped to the Mute function. Sound Volume CVs have been set to zero. Speaker wire is broken. Speaker is burned out.

Locomotive runs in a consist but lights and sound effects don’t work Consist functions are disabled. Set CV 21 and 22 to activate desired functions (see Step 4, ‘Configuring for Consist Operation’).

Lights flicker on and off Decoder is in 14 speed step mode and command station is set to 28 speed steps.

Lights do not work Decoder is in 28/128 speed step mode and command station is set to 14 speed steps. Function mapping is improperly set. Burned out light bulbs. If using 1.5 volt micro-bulbs, resistor value is too large. Broken lamp wires. Tip: Check the decoder’s Diagnostic Light to confirm that the decoder is responding to the headlight command when locomotive is going forward.

Locomotive just sits and flashes both headlights. See next section, ‘Diagnostic Lamps’.

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