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Sound works for a while then quits Amplifier is overheating, lower sound volume. Decoder is overheating, lower track voltage. Speaker is damaged. Replace speaker.

Speaker sounds ‘crackly’. Sound volume is too high for speaker. Speaker is not properly baffled. Speaker wire is loose. Speaker is damaged.

Decoder will not program. Insufficient power on program track - try using Ops Mode or PTB-100 Programming Track Booster. CVs are locked - see ‘Basic Programming’.

Diagnostic Lamps

Tsunami has two red LEDs on the circuit board which may be helpful for resolving potential difficulties.

Pilot Light

The pilot light indicates that the decoder is receiving power. If this light does not come on, it may indicate an improperly wired decoder. It could also indicate a loose wire, poor track pickups, no output from the command station or other problem with your layout wiring.

Fault Light

During normal operation, the fault light will turn on and off with the headlight, and is useful for establishing basic control of the decoder. Additionally, Tsunami monitors a number of its input signals and if a fault is found, reports an error code by flashing the fault light as well as the headlight and backup light (if connected). The number of times the light flashes corresponds to the number of the error code. Error codes whose conditions can usually be solved by the user are as follows:

Error 9 - Over temperature fault An over-temperature fault indicates the core temperature of the decoder has exceeded safe limits. When this error occurs, motor control and sound will be shut off and the error code will continue to flash until the

Tsunami Steam Sound User’s Guide

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