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temperature has fallen back to a safe level. An Over-temperature fault is usually due to inadequate ventilation or using a motor load that exceeds the decoder’s rating.

Error 10 - Over voltage fault An Over-voltage fault indicates that the track voltage is greater than 22 volts. When this error occurs, motor control and sound will be shut off and the error code will continue to flash until the voltage is brought below 22 Volts. Note: Tsunami’s absolute maximum voltage input is 27 volts! Track voltages exceeding 27 volts may cause permanent damage to the decoder.

Error 11 - Motor Connection Fault This error indicates a faulty motor connection has been detected and typically occurs when the motor lead is shorted to a track pickup wire. The motor will not respond until the error is corrected.

Error 12 - Motor Overload Fault This error indicates the motor load has exceeded the decoder’s current rating. Supported on Models TSU-4000 and TSU-8000 only.

Error 16 - CVS reset to default This code is informational only and indicates that all CVs have been reset to their factory defaults.

On rare occasion, the Tsunami Decoder may also report the following error codes which cannot be remedied by the user and require a return to the factory for repair:

Error 1 - COP Fault Error 2 - Software Fault Error 5 - EEROM Checksum failure Error 6 - Lower Calibration Voltage Error Error 7 - Upper Calibration Voltage Error

If you are still having difficulties, contact our customer service department for guidance.

SoundTraxx Service Department 210 Rock Point Drive Durango, CO 81301 Telephone (970) 259-0690 Fax (970) 259-0691 Email: support@soundtraxx.com

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