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Appendix B

List of Configuration Variables (CVs)

The following is a quick reference list of CVs used by Tsunami. See the Tsunami Technical Reference for detailed information about their uses.

CV 1 CV 2 CV 3 CV 4 CV 7 CV 8 CV 10 CV 11 CV 12 CV 13 CV 14 CV 15 CV 16 CV 17,18 CV 19 CV 21 CV 22 CV 23 CV 24 CV 25 CV 29 CV 30

CV 33 CV 34 CV 35 CV 36 CV 37 CV 38 CV 39 CV 40 CV 41 CV 42 CV 43 CV 44 CV 45 CV 46 CV 47 CV 49-52

CV 59 CV 60 CV 61 CV 62 CV 63 CV 64 CV 66 CV 67-94 CV 95 CV 105 CV 106 CV 112 CV 113 CV 114 CV 115 CV 116 CV 119 CV 128 CV 129 CV 130 CV 131 CV 132 CV 133 CV 134 CV 135 CV 136

Primary Address Control Vstart Baseline Acceleration Rate Baseline Braking Rate Manufacturer Version ID (Read Only) Manufacturer ID BEMF Cutout Packet Time Out Value Power Source Conversion Analog Function Enable 1 Analog Function Enable 2 CV Unlock Register CV Lock ID Code Extended Address Consist Address Consist Function Group 1 Consist Function Group 2 Consist Acceleration Rate Consist Braking Rate Speed Table Select Register Configuration Register 1 Error Information/Alternate Mode Selection FL(f) Output Location FL(r) Output Location F1 Output Location F2 Output Location F3 Output Location F4 Output Location F5 Output Location F6 Output Location F7 Output Location F8 Output Location F9 Output Location F10 Output Location F11 Output Location F12 Output Location Analog Whistle Control Hyperlight Effect Select (for FL(f), FL(r), Function 5, 6) Flash Rate Crossing Hold Time F11 Braking Rate Transponding Control Analog Mode Motor Start Voltage Analog Mode Max Motor Voltage Forward Trim Loadable Speed Table Reverse Trim User Identifier #1 User Identifier #2 Sound Configuration 1 Quiet Mode Timeout Period Bell Ring Rate Whistle Select Engine Exhaust Control Effect Processor Select Master Volume Control Whistle Volume Bell Volume Exhaust Volume Air Pump Volume Dynamo Volume Blower Volume Rod Clank Volume Steam Release Volume

CV 137 CV 138 CV 139 CV 140 CV 141 CV 142 CV 143 CV 145 CV 146 CV 147 CV 148 CV 149 CV 150 CV 151 CV 153 CV 154 CV 155 CV 156 CV 157 CV 158 CV 159 CV 160 CV 161 CV 162 CV 163 CV 164 CV 169 CV 170 CV 171 CV 172 CV 173 CV 174 CV 175 CV 176 CV 177 CV 178 CV 179 CV 180 CV 181 CV 182 CV 183 CV 184 CV 185 CV 186 CV 187 CV 188 CV 193 CV 194 CV 195 CV 196 CV 197 CV 198 CV 201 CV 202 CV 203 CV 204 CV 205 CV 206 CV 207 CV 208 CV 209 CV 210 CV 212 CV 213 CV 214

Coupler Volume Reserved Brake Squeal Volume Brake Release Volume Snifter Valve Volume Johnson Bar/Power Reverse Volume Pop Valve Volume Blower Draft Volume Water Stop Volume Injector Volume Fireman Fred’s Shovel Volume Fireman Fred’s Wrench Volume Fireman Fred’s Oil Can Volume Fireman Fred’s Grease Gun Volume Equalizer Control 62 Hz Equalizer Cut/Boost 125 Hz Equalizer Cut/Boost 250 Hz Equalizer Cut/Boost 500 Hz Equalizer Cut/Boost 1K Hz Equalizer Cut/Boost 2K Hz Equalizer Cut/Boost 4K Hz Equalizer Cut/Boost Reverb Control Reverb Output Level Reverb Delay Reverb Gain Whistle Reverb Effect Send Level Bell Reverb Effect Send Level Exhaust Reverb Effect Send Level Air Pump Reverb Effect Send Level Reserved Reserved Reserved Reserved DDE Throttle Gain DDE Motor Load Gain DDE Attack Time Constant DDE Release Time Constant Exhaust Low Volume Limit Exhaust High Volume Limit Side Rod Clank Low Volume Limit Side Rod Clank High Volume Limit DDE Filter Initial Frequency DDE Filter Control Gain DDE Filter Initial Frequency DDE Tracking Coefficient Automatic Bell-On Set Point Automatic Bell-Off Set Point Grade Crossing Whistle Sensitivity Brake Squeal Sensitivity Analog Mode Automatic Sound Configuration Digital Mode Automatic Sound Configuration Event Probability: Fireman Fred Shovels Coal Event Probability: Fireman Fred Fills the Tender Event Probability: Fireman Fred Turns His Wrench Event Probability: Fireman Fred Uses His Grease Gun Event Probability: Fireman Fred Uses His Oil Can Event Probability: Fireman Fred Uses the Injectors Event Probability: Fireman Fred Uses the Firebox Blower Event Probability: Pop Valve Blow Off Kp Coefficient Ki Coefficient Motor Control Intensity Motor Control Sample Period Motor Control Sample Aperture Time

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