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“Personal relationship is always important in this business and in this town.”

“Many local stores went under. There was a Dime Shop where Factory- 2-U is today, the fabric shop, the music shop, and the performing arts center. There was an antique business but now there is E-Bay.”

“The factory lay-offs are one reason why local businesses along 3rd street are suffering.”

“The city is not soliciting the right kinds of businesses. It is not trying to revive the downtown area as much as it should.”

“A lot of the older buildings are owned by older people waiting for the children to step in and take over, but they often don’t, and the buildings stay empty.”

Growth related businesses are doing very well—construction, building supply, home furnishings.

Today, there are several new Hispanic businesses but these do not seem integrated well into the Chamber of Commerce or the general business community. They are the source of new business growth but they clearly are not appreciated for their value.

“Hispanics used to come here on a seasonal basis to work on crops, but farms now use mechanized labor. There isn’t the demand for crop pickers. They are staying because there are services like health care and barrios became established to absorb families into the community.”

In summary, the most common observation of people regarding their work routines is that, “We have become a commuting economy.”

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