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major component of the local economy, fueling new construction, businesses and services. Retired people have especially increased in Sublimity. The new assisted living facility near Dairy Queen is filling very fast. Observers say the retirement infrastructure is here, with the beauty, quality of life and small town as attractions. Out migration from the cities, and from California particularly, is perceived to be feeding the growth of retirement. Many retirees are opening small businesses, contributing to an improved business climate.

“There are wonderful senior services available here. The hospital is excellent.”

“There is heightened awareness about servicing the elderly in town. It’s good that seniors spend locally, especially on prescriptions. If they ordered off the Internet like young people, I’d be in trouble. The Senior citizen bus goes by the pharmacy each day in Sublimity.” [pharmacist]


See Section Two.

Work Routines

This area was settled when early residents began to harness water resources for production. Agriculture was an early survival activity that quickly contributed to local and regional economic growth. Residents noted the shift in agriculture in recent years from food crops to grass seeds and Christmas trees. Crop agriculture used to be a major source of local employment, much of it seasonally based. Over time, seasonal work shifted to Hispanic migrant labor, but as seed grasses and Christmas trees have become dominant commodities, mechanization has displaced many workers. It is now the case that agriculture still generates much economic activity, but it is less associated with a worker base or with the support businesses usually associated with farming communities. Doerfler Farms is the largest grass seed producer worldwide, while the Willamette Valley has a 70% total market share in this industry (Stayton and Sublimity, Community Guide and Business Directory, Stayton/Sublimity Chamber of Commerce, 2002).

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