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RCS Board Minutes - March 4, 2010 Page 2

  • 5.

    Network Operations Update

    • 5.1

      Incident Log - There were no incidents in February 2010.

    • 5.2

      System Busies Report - System busies were within the norm.

(Don Root)

6. RCS Projects Update

(Charles Beard/Root/Sue Willy)

    • 6.1

      Imperial County (Beard) – Black Mountain construction will start the week of March 8,

    • 2010.

      Renegotiation with American Tower on their coverage use permit (CUP) was done. The line of credit application in the amount of $500,000 has been completed.

    • 6.2

      Public Safety Interoperable Communication (PSIC) Grant (Root) - The antenna parts were ordered.


RCS Enhancement- Point Loma (Willy) - We are waiting for the final drawing from Motorola. We added an encumbrance of $4,000.00 for the Department of Environmental Health staff’s time to proceed on asbestos removal at the Pt. Loma site. Once the final drawings are received, staff will submit it for the Navy’s approval.

7. Administrative Update

(Scott Gillis/Root/Willy)


Training Program (Gillis) - Mr. Gillis presented the results from the online survey for emergency responders, dispatchers, and support personnel. For example, the question “As a result of attending the class, I have a better understanding of the different talk groups or channels and their associated operational areas”, the results were as follows: 55.6% strongly agree, 41.3% agree, 0% disagree, and 3.2% strongly disagree. On the question, “As a result of attending the class, I have a better understanding of Failsoft and or Site Trunking”, the results were as follows: 31.7% strongly agree, 55.6% agree, 7.9% disagree, and 4.8% strongly disagree. There were 597 people who responded to the survey. Mr. Gillis will submit an executive summary of the survey results.

Chief Crawford inquired if the percentages/results reported were within the acceptable norm. Mr. Gillis replied that prior to the Gap Analysis, a survey was conducted to all RCS members who have not attended the training. From 900 responses, 25% feel confident using the system and radios during emergency situations.

There were 4,500 people attending the training. From the 4,500 people, 500 people responded to the survey which represents about 10% of the total respondents.

Messrs. Root and Gillis believe 10% is a generalizable number of the total sampling.

The overall statistics from class evaluations were consistent. Chief Crawford is interested in knowing the trend. Commander McNally would like to revisit the online survey results when the executive summary is presented to the Board.

Mr. Root shared a success story. With the PSIC grant funding, RCS instructors have been providing training to the SD Police Department on the features of the radio system that are available in the region. A couple of months ago, there was an off duty San Diego police officer in Campo who observed suspicious activity around the

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