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RCS Board Minutes - March 4, 2010 Page 3

residential area. He pulled out the city radio, came up with one of the east mutual aid channels, and was able to communicate with the Sheriff’s Department.


RCS Technical Review RFP (Request for Proposal) (Willy) - The process has been completed; now waiting for the final signatures on the contract.

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      System Capacity (Root) - There are about 3,500 resources available in the system.

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      RCS Advisories (North Simulcast Outage/Portable Radio Antennas) - From the Board’s request regarding the January 30th outage at the North Simulcast, an advisory was published on February 10th. The advisory provided the details of what occurred, what the shortfalls were, and the corrections implemented. Another advisory was sent out on February 8th on the use of 800 MHz “short” or “stubby” portable radio antennas on the RCS radio equipment.

After the advisory was sent, Ms. Willy mentioned during the bi-monthly Unified Disaster Council meeting, one of our member agency representatives brought up the January 30th outage. Ms. Willy reminded the Directors that all the infrastructure is aging and RCS staff are working hard to maintain the system at present service levels.

Chief Crawford mentioned it was purported to him that one of the reasons for bringing up the January 30th outage at the UDC meeting was the possible consideration for future RCS grant funding. Mr. Reddick would like everyone to be aware those grant funds are available. There is a consideration for public safety with the UASI grant or the Homeland Security Grant fund to upgrade the system.

8. FY 2010-2011 RCS Operating Budget Presentation/Workshop


Ms. Willy presented the proposed RCS budget FY 2010/2011. Total projected RCS revenue is $6,097,274. The revenue is determined by the total of 17,643 projected paying radios for a net of $5,610,474 in NOC fees; microwave T1 revenue from SANDAG of $46,800; and $440,000 from the RCS Trust Fund for replacing aging infrastructure components and capital improvements.

Ms. Willy presented the RCS Systems Budget Summary and identified the differences between FY 2009/2010 and FY 2010/2011. The two major expenses for the RCS are salaries/benefits and rent/leases for the 67 sites. There is an increase in salaries and benefits by 10.9%; decrease in services and supplies by -7.3%; increase in fixed assets (which include the funding for two aging generators) by 80.6%, and increase in rents, leases, and utilities by 3.7%. Overall, there is an increase in total expenses of 8.1%.

Mr. Yarborough asked about the increase in salaries by 10.9%. Ms. Willy explained the projected increase was due to the 2% increase in salaries effective July 1, 2010 (labor contract negotiated last year between County and bargaining units); projected step increases; one additional full time staff - Administrative Services Manager 1 position - which was funded by the reduction in the rent/leases of Mt. Soledad, and adding a third 120 day rehire (retiree who works on a part-time a basis). Mr. Yarborough asked if the positions are new. Ms. Willy stated the Administrative Services Manager I position is new. The one additional retiree rehire position is also new. Mr. Root stated the 120 day rehire position is a salary only position.

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