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RCS Board Minutes - March 4, 2010 Page 4

Chief Crawford asked if an additional full-time employee (FTE) was added. Ms. Willy replied

an additional FTE was added to the Division, but not to the County. She added that the Division had retirements in 2008/2009 and none of those positions were filled. Chief Crawford and Chief Yarborough inquired if those three retirees were rehired. Ms. Willy replied none of those retirees were hired -- those positions were frozen. Mr. Root stated the Division’s staffing went from 41 to 38. Ms. Willy explained that staff support two functions (Sheriff and RCS) and that those 38 persons are not 100% devoted to RCS. Mr. Yarborough inquired as to why, if the current staffing went down to 38 people, is there is a 10.9% increase in salaries. Mr. Root replied the County contract also includes a 5 % increase in benefits. The County is projecting, with benefit and pay, increase over the life of

that two years is about 10%. overall 10.9% in salaries and

Ms. Willy added it is not a 10.9% increase in pay -- it is

benefits projected for the RCS.

Chief Crawford stated

an that
















Commander McNally summarized the RCS budget as follows: there is a 2% salary increase in July, a 5% benefits cost increase, and step increases. This results in the 10.9% increase for salaries/benefits. Ms. Willy added this also includes the addition of 1 FTE and a part time position. The system has grown from 6,000 radios to 20,000 radios; from a few city contracts to over 100 contracts. With this increase, the Division lacked the staff necessary to manage the administrative and financial tasks.

Mr. Yarborough asked if the proposed budget was presented to the Board for information only, i.e., has the budget already gone to the Sheriff’s hierarchy for approval or can the Board recommend changes. Ms. Willy replied the budget is presented to the RCS Board of Directors for their input and approval prior to taking to the RCS Member Board. The RCS Member Board gives recommendation to the Board of Supervisors. There was additional discussion regarding the budget approval process and timeline. The goal is to approve the budget in March so that member agencies will be notified in advance of any change in NOC fees.

Commander McNally asked if there is a change in NOC fee from the current year’s budget. Ms. Willy stated this year’s NOC is $26.50, while the proposed NOC for the next fiscal year is $26.50. The net effect of maintaining the same NOC, is that the increases in rent/leases and salaries/benefits are essentially an offset in the decreases of the service and supplies budget and the fixed assets. Ms. Willy mentioned it is important to note that RCS cannot operate on a networking operating cost (NOC) of $26.50 forever – rents/leases and salaries/benefits will always increase. Ms. Willy stated staff is working hard to reduce lease costs.

Chief Crawford suggested if there is a request going forward to the County to add FTEs, that request should come to the RCS Board for discussion and consideration first. Chief Crawford commended on RCS staff’s excellent job in maintaining the System which has been modeled by other regional systems.

Commander McNally stated if the NOC will not affect the member agencies, the Board should give the RCS staff the discretion in the operation of the system. If something will affect the cost that is being charged to RCS member agencies, then it should be reviewed by the RCS Board.

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