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BusinessCom | Internet via Satellite

Professional Broadband Solutions Worldwide

Key Advantages of BusinessCom Telephony Services

BusinessCom is proud to introduce a Premium Quality Voice over IP solution to the world. Since we have selected MCI® as our primary International Voice Traffic Carrier, the service delivers a crystal clear sound with lowest transit latency and very high redundancy. MCI® owns, operates, monitors and maintains one of the largest communications networks in the world. MCI® network facilities are scattered throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region, in more than 140 countries and over 2,800 cities.

The 98,000-mile fiber optic network is designed to support the largest array of data communications and voice products in the world. MCI owns the world's farthest reaching global network (based on company-owned POPs), and spans more than 4,500 Points of Presence (POPs) throughout the world, with 2.2 million global dial modems and high-capacity connections to more than 102,000 active buildings. The global IP network can circle the globe more than four times. Additionally, MCI remains the most connected Internet backbone provider with the greatest number of Autonomous System network connections. The company's expansive IP footprint, coupled with its direct interconnections, exceeds all other competitor networks and enables its business customers and ISPs to reach more destinations directly through MCI's global IP backbone than any other carrier.

Simultaneously with a Premium quality MCI® termination, BusinessCom has established routes to WaveCrest and TeleGlobe – worldwide known 1st Tier Voice Carriers.

Such concept of excessive redundancy and automatic failover routing results in a very high succeeding call ratio – with delivering a first class service to our customers.

Portland House, Suite 2, Glacis Road, Gibraltar (UK Overseas Territory) | tel. +38 056 788 3544 | www.bcsatellite.net

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