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BusinessCom | Internet via Satellite

Professional Broadband Solutions Worldwide

BusinessCom Telephony Features and Benefits



Premium Quality Termination Through MCI®, TeleGlobe and WaveCrest Carriers 24/7 Monitored Termination Routes Quality Least Cost Routing Mechanism Automatic Fail-Over Routing with Multiple Priorities

A highly redundant business quality telephony service at competitive rates, ready for any subscriber from DTH to Enterprise.

Redundant Terrestrial Connectivity Qwest, UUNet/MCI, Level(3), Cable & Wireless, Savvis, France Telecom OpenTransit

The best available first tier connectivity from within a heart of Internet brings improved stability with more than 99.95% of uptime.

Support of Multiple Interconnection Protocols IAX™ (Inter-Asterisk Exchange) SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) MGCP (Media Gateway Control Protocol) SCCP (Cisco® Skinny®), H.323 (In development)

Our service is compatible with almost all the hardware and software available on the 3rd party markets. Multiple protocols enable you to use our service even behind the NAT or Firewall.

Flexible Codecs Choice GIPS iLBC Speex G.723.1, G.726, G.729 ADPCM, G.711 (A-Law & u-Law) GSM, Linear, LPC-10

Although we mainly recommend GIPS iLBC codec to all our customers on the satellite links, you may select your own codec to interoperate with our Telephony system, whichever is comfortable to you.

A fully redundant core network and backbone connectivity our Telephony servers are residing on is unsurpassed in its efficiency and performance. With seven separate sites, located in five different states on both coasts and central US, the network offers extremely low latency, no packet loss, and, best of all, direct connectivity to all major global tier 1 backbones. This unique combination provides a superior network infrastructure with an unmatched quality of service.

The physical layer of the network consists of a number of interconnected private OC-12 & OC-48 SONET rings. The Washington, DC private IDSR (IntelliLight Dedicated Sonet Ring) is provided by Verizon, while Virginia - DC multiple OC-48 SONET rings are operated by Looking Glass Networks. The transport to Chicago, IL and Palo Alto, CA is provided over redundant Level 3 OC-48 SONET rings, while to New York the network uses Looking Glass Networks. All fibre carriers are financially healthy and highly respectable, well known organizations with proven 100% uptime and reliability (Verizon, Looking Glass Networks, and Level 3). The OC-12 & OC-48 SONET rings consist of two redundant OC-12s or OC-48s traversing two separate paths and having two diverse routes to our facilities, thus providing the ultimate in reliability and performance. Even if both of the lines are cut at any point, the SONET ring is still operational, with less than 50 ms (0.05 second) self-healing restoration time.

Portland House, Suite 2, Glacis Road, Gibraltar (UK Overseas Territory) | tel. +38 056 788 3544 | www.bcsatellite.net

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