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Ray:  Well, I just don’t know.

29:12   Payne:  About your women friends – that group of ten women friends that you were hanging out with.  What would you want people to know about them?

Ray:  Well, that we’re there for them, if they need anything.

Payne:  For each other?

Ray:  For each other or for anybody else.

Payne:  You took care of each other?

Ray:  Yes.

Payne:  And other people?

Ray:  Yes.

Payne:  Well, single women were in a better position to do that often, weren’t they?

Ray:  Yes.

Payne:  Because they didn’t have …

Ray:  Didn’t have a husband to tell them what to do. (laughter)

Payne:  Yes.  And what’s another thing?

Ray:  I don’t know.

30:04   Payne:  Well, what do think would have been different, if you had grown up … what’s the one thing would have been the most different if you had grown up in say Chicago, Illinois from the way you grew up here – as a girl?

Ray:  I don’t know.  I can’t imagine.  I wouldn’t have like a big city because you don’t know anybody, like you did here.  Don’t get close to people.  And they don’t care about you.

Payne:  Yes.  That’s a good place for us to stop for today.  That’s terrific. (laughter)

Ray:  I didn’t know what ya’ll were going to ask me? (laughter)

Payne:  We’re going to ask you some more things.  We’re going to look at this and then we’re going to ask you some more things because you gave us a lot of important things that were … that we think are here but we’re not sure.  You see one of the


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