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things I’m interested in is this phenomenon of the independent woman because my aunt … my husband’s Aunt Marguerite was exactly like that and she did exactly what you did.  And that’s the reason I was asking you about silver and crystal because she did not marry but she set up her house equipped to entertain and she had her … she’d get her crystal out and her silver and her … she bought china and the whole thing.  So, we …

Ray:  What was her china pattern?

Payne:  It was Limoges.  It was …

Ray:  Oh, that was good.

Payne:  I know (laughter)

Ray:  Did you inherit that?

Payne:  I did.  (laughter) When she died, I had to make room for … you wouldn’t believe what I had to do.  She had this Limoges pattern, which she had actually inherited from her Aunt Louise, who had grown up at Ingomar.  But then Marguerite had bought her own china, as well.  It was white and it had a gold trim around it.  I forget the name of it.  

Ray:  She had a big investment there, didn’t she?

Payne:  She did and I think the crystal was, oh … this kind of hobnail looking thing that you’ve seen… that’s been duplicated… its commercially available in just a regular pattern.  It was … I can’t remember who made it.  And then, lets see the silver pattern was like St. Francis.  It was real fancy.  So, yes, she … And she had more jewelry than …

Ray:  Is that right?

33:24   Payne:  Yes.  She had so much costume jewelry that I decided, when she died, that I would give it to her friends and my friends, so everybody got something of her jewelry and your butterfly reminds me of her because she had … had butterfly pins and butterfly necklaces …

Ray:  I do too. (laughter)

Payne:  You like butterflies?  

Ray:  I do.

Payne:  Do you have a big costume jewelry selection?


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