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recession over?...it is for you.

this isYoUr time... time to pull ahead.

Recessions are proven as the time to pull ahead. Right now your competitors are frozen in fear and licking their “bad loan” wounds. So now is the time to snap up those low-cost deposits that are loose and seize those great loans you couldn’t budge for the last decade.

But not if you have “order takers” in front of your customers and prospects—that gig is up.

Let’s face it. There’s little you can do to save the economy at large, but you do have the ability to make a major dent in bringing on those deposits that are moving, paying less for those, AND pulling away those quality loans that you didn’t have a chance of capturing for years.

January 25-26, 2011 Atlanta, GA

Finally, a solution where your bank can take immediate action and receive immediate ROI.

If you’ve been waiting, the wait is over. You can’t aord to wait any more. Roxanne Emmerich’s Grow Your Bank Summit is a special event, designed especially to explore what smart banks do during a potentially bad and dragged out recession…or as many economists are calling it, a depression.

When You Attend the Grow Your Bank Summit You Will:

  • Uncover the secret to get 10 times the return from every marketing dollar with a simple, easy-to-execute, and low-cost system that is PROVEN to capture highly-protable accounts.

  • Capture all those “loose” deposits that are looking for a new home and capture them to stay WITHOUT matching rates!

  • Discover a system to command premium pricing on loans and deposits.

  • Create an insurance policy so that your best clients will NOT pull away their deposits above FDIC limits!

  • Find out the proven system of what other businesses have done during other recessions and depressions that have them leading the pack at the end of it.

  • Know how to target prot-rich clients in your market, capture all their business, and get them to send their friends and family.

  • Ignite your people to transform into a “bring-it-on” culture where massive results rule!


Register Now: (952) 820-0360

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