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Top 10 Reasons to Attend Grow Your Bank Summit

As a CEO, you’ve given the culture of excuses a good try. Now you’ve decided this “results” thing is worth looking into.

You want to never, ever, (ever, ever), EVER match rates (ever) again!!!

Your workplace feels like adult daycare with whining, gossip, and excuses. Your pacifier budget is all tapped out. Time to open a can of grown-up and start having some REAL fun making miracles happen!

You’re ready to cheat off the papers of smart bankers who are busting through this economy with “right-on” marketing—they’re unstoppable, they mean business…and (except for that one guy) they’re nice!

The last time you let yourself have fun was the office Christmas party in 1988 that we agreed not to talk about.

As a producer, you want to learn how one of the private bankers at the last Summit applied the process she learned to cross sell without paying up and got 13 cross sales in her very first conversation—7 more than her previous high!

You have energy vampires in your organization sucking the life out of your bottom line—and you’re looking for some garlic. Maybe even a wooden stake. We’ve got ‘em.

You know that “If it feels like sales, you’re doing something wrong”—and you want to know the RIGHT way to create massive sales!

DEPOSITS, DEPOSITS, DEPOSITS! You want to find out how one bank, using this process, picked up more in commercial deposits in a few short months than they had in the previous 100 years combined!

You’re tired of trial and error, of long days and sleepless nights. You’d like to see a golf course again someday. You need a plan that works and you need it NOW!

Call 952-820-0360 for more information or visit www.EmmerichFinancial.com/bc

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