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  • on importation or entry of goods and merchandise into Cameroon

    • at the time of registration of the statement of home use entry; and

  • on consumer credit or leasing transactions carried out by a financial establishment – on the date when the interest or lease payments fall due.

Value of supply The value of supply is as follows:

  • supply of goods, for any amount or value – all benefits, goods and services received or to be received, in return for the supply;

  • provision of services – all sums and benefits received and, where applicable, the value of material consumed during the execution of the services;

  • exchange of goods – the value of the products received in return for payment for the goods plus, where applicable, the value of the additional payment;

  • for construction works – the amount stipulated in the contract, bill or invoice; and

  • supplies to oneself – the purchase price, exclusive of taxes, of goods bought and used as is, or the cost price of the extracted, manufactured or processed goods.

VAT compliance

Returns and payment of VAT

VAT credits may be offset and, where applicable, refunded, under certain conditions. Tax returns may be filed by electronic means, subject to certain conditions.



Interest and penalties

The inadequacies, omissions or inaccuracies affecting the tax base or data that have led the tax authority to make adjustments, result in the application of a 1.5% interest in arrears per month up to a maximum of 50%, calculated on the basis of charges to be borne by the taxpayer following the notification of the last procedural deed, in case of control. The interest in arrears is calculated with effect from the first day of the month following that during which the return showing an inadequacy, omission or inaccuracy was filed up to the last day of the month of notification of adjustment. The maximum amount of the interest in arrears will be 50%.


VAT credits may be refunded, on condition that their beneficiaries do not owe any taxes and duties whatsoever which can be swapped, and that the credits are justified.

Objections and appeals

Petitions seeking to obtain a tax remission or reduction must be addressed to the territorially competent head of the Tax Collection Office. They must contain all information necessary for the identification of the tax in question and include a copy of the notice of issue for collection. They shall not be liable for stamp duty.

After examination, the tax authority will, in writing, notify its decision for remission, reduction or rejection. In case of remission or reduction, the decision shall be notified by:

  • the Head of the Provincial Tax Collection office or the official in charge of the ‘large enterprises’ service within the limit of 30 million

francs for the principal taxes and levies and of 30 million XAF for penalties and additional charges;

  • the Director of Taxation within the limit of 100 million francs for the principal taxes and levies and 100 million francs for penalties and additional charges; and

  • the Minister in charge of Finance for principal taxes and levies of an amount exceeding 100 million francs, as well as for penalties and additional charges of an amount exceeding 100 million francs.

However, where the applicant is not satisfied with the decision taken by the competent authority, he may appeal to a higher authority, up to the Minister in charge of Finance.

Time limits

Sums due from the taxpayers for taxes and duties assessed by virtue of the General Tax Code are barred after a period of four years following the due date, where no instrument has been issued to end the limitation. This limitation may not be invoked in the case of taxes deducted at source or those for which the person liable is only a collector.

The maximum period for claiming input tax credits is two years.

VAT records

Tax invoices

Receipts must be issued for all payments. Such receipts are exempt from stamp duty. A duplicate thereof may be issued to the taxpayer who so requests.

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