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Disaster Recovery Planning by Health Maintenance Organizations: The Role of Business Impact Analysis and Testing / Kakoli

Bandyopadhyay Client/Server and the Knowledge Directory: A Natural Relationship / Stuart Galup and Ronald Dattero Internet Payment Mechanisms: Acceptance and Control Issues / Ulric Gelinas and Janis Gogan

16 21 24

Using Expert System Technology for New Venture Strategy Planning / Dorothy Dologite, Robert Mockler and Marc Gartenfeld ... 29

ERP Implementations: The Role of Implementation Partners and Knowledge Transfer / Marc Haines and Dale Goodhue


An Advanced Course in Application Programming and Design / Cecil Schmidt An Evaluation Measure for Query Processing in CBIR Systems / S. Nepal and M.V. Ramakrishna

39 41

Deploying the Business Case to Reduce the Risk of Large Scale Data Warehousing / Reinhard Jung and Stefan Schwarz Data Warehouse Schemas: A Software Engineering Approach Towards an Efficient Modeling of Complex, Dynamic Conceptual


Schemas / Reinhard Jung and Robert Winter Exploring the Role of Expectations in Defining Stakeholder's Evaluations of IS Quality / Carla Wilkin, Bill Hewett


and Rodney Carr Approaches to a Decentralized Architecture for an Electronic Market—A Study for the Air Cargo Business / Freimut


Bodendorf and Stefan Reinheimer Teaching Information Systems Policy: Electronic Sophism? / David Banks The Politics of IRM: Lessons from Communism / Damir Kalpic and Elizabeth Boyd

62 68 72

Pre-teaching Technical Vocabulary in an Introductory Information Systems Course: An Experiment Involving Non-native Speakers

of English/ Hazel Chan Using Lotus Learning Space to Enhance Student Learning of Data Communications / Michael Dixon, Tanya McGill and Johan


Karlsson . Software Piracy: Are Robin Hood and Responsibility Denial at Work?/Susan Harrington



79 83

Deception and Reality: A Challenge for the Information and Knowledge Management Function / W. Hutchinson and M. Warren... 88

Bridging the Gap Between Hard and Soft Information Genres / Anne Karjalainen and Airi Salminen A Process Model for Certification of Product and Process /Hareton Leung and Vincent Li Re-engineering the Role of the Internal Auditor in ERP Solutions / Haider Madani User Developed Applications: Can End users Assess Quality? / Tanya McGill The Innovation Link Between Organisation Knowledge and Customer Knowledge / Helen Mitchell

92 96 103 106 112

Coping with ^Requirements-Uncertainty': The Theories-of-Action of Experienced IS Project Managers / Tony Moynihan Handling Large Databases in Data Mining / M. Mehdi Owrang 0 Development and Testing of an Instrument for Measuring the User Evaluations of Information Technology in

116 121

Health Care / Parag Pendarkar, Mehdi Khosrowpour and James Rodger Modelling Molecular Biological Information: Ontologies and Ontological Design Patterns / Jacqueline Renee Reich EMC-A Modeling Method for Developing Web-based Applications / Peter Rittgen Crossing the Gap from Design to Implementation in Web-Application Development / Christian Segor and Martin Gaedke 1 Size and Culture as Determinants of IT Strategy in International Supply Chain Management / Barry Shore An Internet Based Architecture Satisfying the Distributed Building Site Metaphor / Fabien Costantini, Antoine Sgambato,

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Table of Contents


Remote Control for Videoconferencing/Marcia Perry and Deborah Agarwal Three Challenges of Organizational Memory Information Systems Development / Fons Wijnhoven and Kees van Slooten

1 6 11

Schumann and Bodo Urban Organizational Learning by "Segmented Networks": Breeding Variations and Similarities Together—What is Optimum? /


Bishwajit Choudhary Organizational Controls as Enablers and Constraints in Successful Knowledge Management Systems Implementation / Yogesh


Malhotra Behind the Celtic Tiger: Key Issues in the Management of Information Technology in Ireland in the Late 1990s / Joseph


McDonagh and Andrew Harbison Computer Mediated Communication in Universities and Further Education Establishments—A Comparison of Use and Utility /


Elayne Coakes and Dianne Willis A Systemic Approach to Define Agents/Andy Cheung and Stephen Chan The Journey to IS Organizational Maturity: A Case Study of a CMM Level 3 IS Organization / Kay Nelson, Mari Buche and

202 207

Costing IS Services—Avoiding the Sting in the Tail / Graeme Altmann, Gweneth Norris and Matthew Pigdon

Christian Toinard, Nicolas Chevassus and Francois Gaillard


Reconfiguration in Tightly-Coupled Conferencing Environments / Dirk Trossen and Wolf-Christian Eickhoff Identifying Business Components Using Conceptual Models / Klement Fellner and Klaus Turowski Evaluating an ISD Methodology for Software Packages / Kees van Slooten and Marcel Bruins Conceptual Modeling of Large Web Sites / Bernhard Strauch and Robert Winter Monitoring of DICOM Patient Cases Using CORBA / Dongsong Zhang, Colin Cole and Lina Zhou A Flexible Framework for the Knowledge-Based Generation of Multimedia Presentations / Katja Reinhardt, Heidrun

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