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Old Dogs and New Tricks: Retraining Legacy Programmers in Object Oriented Technology / H. James Nelson and Deb Armstrong217

Video Performance in Java / Mark Claypool, Tom Coates, Shawn Hooley, Eric Shea and Chris Spellacy


Business Process Reengineering is Not Just for Businesses But is Also for Governments: Lessons from Singapore's Reengineering

Experience / K. Pelly Periasamy


Strategic Human Resource Allocatin for an Internal Labor Market: A Human Resource Forecasting Model for the Royal

Netherlands Navy / Wilfred Geerlings, Alexander Verbraeck, John van Beusekom, Ron de Groot and Gino Damen Recognizing Bounds of Context Change in On-Line Learning / Helen Kaikova, Vagan Terziyan and Borys Omelayenko Activity Theory as a Theoretical Foundation for Information Systems Research / George Ditsa and Joseph Davis

231 236 240

Visualizing Legal Systems for Information Retrieval / Virpi Lyytikainen, Pasi Tiitinen, Airi Salminen Rapid Video Browsing on a VCR Using a TV Set-top box / Anand Balachandran and P. Venkat Rangan Linking IT Impact on Productivity to the Bottom Line With a Simple Model / Mohan Rao Use of Collaborative Technologies in Distributed Work: A Case Study / France Belanger and Kelly Hilmer The Supply Side of Knowledge Management/Akhilesh Chandra Artificial Intelligence in an Ecological Application / M.L. Hines, J. Pang and C. Butterfield Enforcing Modeling Guidelines in an ORDBMS-Based UML Repository / N. Ritter and H.P. Steiert The BtripleE Framework: Measuring the Value of Information Technology Han T.M. van der

245 250 255 259 264 265 269 274

The Practice of Information Resource Management in Australian Government Organisations / Richard Potger and Grahan Pervan.... 279

Adding Alternative Access Paths to Abstract Data Types / Xavier Franch and Jordi Marco A Conceptual Model Toward a Flexible GSS Coordination Structure / Youngjin Kim and Yongbeom Kim Connectionist Models for Tracing User-Task Profiles / Qiyang Chen, John Wang and Qiang Tu The Ideology of the Information Wave /Andrew Targowski and Omar Khalil

283 288 292 295

Overcoming Barriers in the Planning of a Virtual Library: Recognising Organisational and Cultural Change Agents / Ardis Hanson . 299 EE-Cat: Extended Electronic Catalog for Dynammic and Flexible Electronic Commerce / Jihye Jung, Dongkyu Kim,

Sang-gooLee, Chisu Wu, and Kapsoo Kim


A Method to Determine the Fraction of the Scientific Literature Within a Domain That is Available on the World Wide Web /

Ketil Pertstrup An Empirical Study of Knowledge and Organisations/Andrew Doswell and Vivien Reid Organization on Intranet—An Agent Based Approach / Urs Hengartner, Elisabeth Maier, Christos Kefos, Lutz Richter,

308 312

Reinhard Riedl, Martina Klose, Ulrike Lechner, Olga Miler and Beat Schmid The Knowledge Medium — A Conceptual Framework for the Design and Implementation of a Platform Supporting the


Community of AIDS Researchers and Practitioners / Rolf Grutterr, Katarina Stanoevska-Slabeva and Walter Fierz Supporting Organizational Knowledge Management with Agents / Prashant Pai, L.L. Miller, Vasant Honavar, Johnny Wong


and Sree Nilakanta European Electronic Service Infrastructure Building - Drifting into the Future? / Ake Gronlund Development of a Distant Education Internet-Based Foundation Course for the MBA Program / James LaBarre

325 330

and E. Vance Wilson A Comparative Assessment of the Costs, Benefits and Risks of Tracking Stock Prices with Intelligent Agents as Compared to


Traditional Investing / Patrick Doran, M. Khristian Mcalister and James Floody A Structure- and Content-based Multimedia Information Retrieval System for XML Documents / Du-Seok Jin, Jeong-Jae Lee


and Jaewoo Chang Designing Multilingual Electronic Catalogs / Aryya Gangopadhyay and Zhensen Huang Web-based Learning: Is It Working? A Comparison of Student Performance and Achievement in Web-based Courses and

342 347

Their In-classroom Counterparts / Kathryn Marold, Gwynne Larsen and Abel Moreno The Noise Factor: Irrelevant Search Results on the World Wide Web/Wendy Lucas

350 354

Research on IS/IT Investment Evaluation and Benefits Realization in Australia / Chad Lin, Grahan Pervan and Donald McDermid ... 359

Modeling of Coordinated Planning and Allocation of Resources/ Alexey Bulatov and Atakan Kurt


Evaluation of Electronic Commerce Adoption with SMEs / Alessandro Antonelli, Aurelio Ravarini and Marco Tagliav ICT Diffusion and Strategic Role within Italian SMEs / Giacomo Buonanno, Stefano Gramignoli, Aurelio Ravarini,



Marco Tagliavini and Donatella Sciuto Evaluating Evolutionary Information Systems / Nandish Patel Outline of a Design Tool for Analysis and Visual Quality Control of Urban Environments / Predrag Sidjanin and

373 379

Waltraud Gerhardt Measuring Information Health: A Planning and Evaluation Tool to Support IRM Practice / Daniel Moody A Conceptual Model of Collaborative Information Seeking / Ric Jentzsch and Paul Prekop Implementing Practical Metrics in an Outsourcing Environment / Eugene McGuire and Karen McKeown The Web, the Spider and the Fly: A Cuationary Tale for SMEs Going Online / Shirley Bode and Janice Burn SM e-business: Strategies for Success / Emmanuel Tetteh and Janice Burn Impacts of Software Agents in eCommerce Systems on Customer's Loyalty and on Behavior of Potential Customers /

384 388 393 398 402 408

Juergen Seitz, EberhardStickel andKrzysztofWoda Establishing a Telecommunications and Networking Technology B.S. Degree / Julie Mariga Toward an Understanding of the Behavioral Intention to Use a Groupware Application / Yining Chen and Hao Lou A Method to Ease Schema Evolution / Lex Wedemeijer Knowledge Management Systems: Using Technology to Enhance Organizational Learning / Richard Morse Automatic Generation of Requirement Scenarios / Gyeung-min Kim and Rohae Myung

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