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Design Patterns in Architectures Based on Use Cases /Alfredo Matteo and Christiane Metzner Modeling the Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chains Using a Group Problem Solving Approach / Qing Cao and Keng Siau A Study of Web Users' Wailing Time / Fui Hoon Nah The Influence of Experience, Culture and Spatial Visualization Ability on users' Attitudes and Anxiety Towards Computer Use

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/ Pieter Blignaut, Theo McDonald and Janse Tolmie The Swiss Telecommunication Market after Liberalization / Katarina Stanoevska-Slabeva Concept Acquisition Modeling for E-commerce Ontology / Maria Lee, Kwang Mong Sim and Paul Kwok Dimensions of Service Quality in the Virtual World: Implications for Extranets / Beverley Hope and Kenneth Cody Using Collaboration Technologies to Enable Industry-University Course Partnerships: An Action Research Study / Ned

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Kock, Camille Auspitz and Brad King Information Technology for Knowledge Management in China / Michelle Fong Knowledge Management in U.S. Federal Government Organizations: Can It Work? / J. Judah Buchwalter Process Model for Round-trip Engineering with Relational Database / Leszek Maciaszek UML Dialect for Designing Object-Relational Databases / Leszek Maciaszek and Kin-Shing Wong Semantic Video Modeling & View Transformation / Lilac Al Safadi and Janusz Getta Applying the Concurrence Concept for Solving Re-scheduling Problems in Software Project Development / Ho-Leung Tsoi


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and Terry Rout A Survey of Spatial Data Mining Methods Databases and Statistics Point of Views / Karine Zeitouni The Importance of Having a Multidimensional View of IT-End User Relationships for the Successful Restructuring of IT

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Departments/A.C. Leonard Group Decision Making, Technology and National Culture—A Qualitative Approach / Nasrin Rahmati Data Conceptual Modelling through Natural Language: Identification and Validation of Relationship Cardinalities /

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Paloma Martinez, Adoracion de Miguel, Dolores Cuadra, Carlos Nieto and Elena Castro From Lackey to Leader: The Evolution of the Librarian in the Age of the Internet / Jennifer Croud, Michael Manning and


Janine Schmidt An Overview of Agent Technology and Its Application to Subject Management / Paul Darbyshire and Glenn Lowry Virtuality—Real or Imagined? The Messy Boundaries of Cyberspace/Andrew Wenn Interacting with Customers on the Internet: Developing a Model for Small Businesses / Stephen Burgess and Don Schauder Environmental Management Information Systems: EMS Records and Metadata-Based Environmental Information

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Management / Hans-Knud Arndt, Mario Christ and Oliver Gunther Implementing Knowledge Management: Issues for Managers / Charles A. Snyder and Larry Wilson Web-based Knowledge Management / Ruidong Zhang A Recursive Approach to Software Development / Shirley Becker and Alan Jorgensen A Web Usability Assessment Model and Automated Toolset / Shirley Becker, Anthony Berkemeyer and Natalie Roberts An Action Learning Approach for the Development of Technology Skills /Richard Peterson

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Supporting At-Distance Students Through an Internet-Based Advising System / E. Vance Wilson, Kris Larsen and Steven Sheetz 545 Software Process Models are Software Too: A Domain Class Model for Software Process Models / Daniel Turk and

Vijay Vaishnavi Inspecting Spam Unsolicited Communications on the Internet / Ellen Foxman and William Schiano A Conceptual Model for E-Commerce Curriculum Design and Development / Linda Knight and Susy Chan Information Security for Libraries / Gregory Newby An Exploratory Study of Internet Auction Business Models /MengSu and Qing Hu Use and Reuse of Association Rules in an OLAP Environment / H. Gunzel, J. Albrecht and W. Lehner

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Intelligent Software Agents in Electronic Commerce: A Socio-Technical Pespective / Mahesh Raisinghani, Chris Klassen

and Lawrence Schkade The Implementation of Electronic Network Systems in Japanese Firms / Toshio Mitsufuji Current Information Security Protocols and an Outlook for the Future / L.J. Janczewski Ad Hoc Virtual Teams: A Multi-disciplinary Framework and a Research Agenda / Guy Pare and Line Dube 2QCV2Q: A Model for Web Sites Design and Evaluation / Luisa Mich and Mariangela Franch Supporting Connections Between Simulators and Databases / Ying Shu, Michael Arbib and Jim-Shih Liaw Towards an Information Society in Egypt / SherifKamel

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Software Development in Developing Countries: Framework for Analysis of Quality Initiatives / Syed Zahoor Hassan Alignment of Collaboration Technology Adoption and Organizational Change Findings from five Case Studies / Bjom Erik


Munkvold Human-Centred Methods in Information Systems: Boundary Setting and Methodological Choice / Steve Clarke and Brian


Lehaney Some Guidelines to Support the Selection of a Test Management Tool for Web-based Assessment / S. Valenti, A. Cucchiarelli


andM. Panti Real-World Learning of Information Resource Management / Dusan Lesjak and Miroslav Rebernik From Object-Oriented Modeling to Agent-Oriented Modeling: An Electronic Commerce Application / Sooyong Park and

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Vijayan Sugumaran An Integrated Model of EIS Use / Manal Elkordy

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Nurturing Trust and Reactive Training: Essential Elements in ICT Diffusion Projects / David Tucker and Pascale de Berranger ... 628

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