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Information Retrieval Using Collaborating Multi-User Agents / Elaine Ferneley Emerging Research Themes in Global Information Management / R. Brent Gallupe and Felix B. Tan MD5 Hash Function in Image Bai led Smart Card Security / Syed Rahman and Vicent Yew An Object Oriented Architecture Model for International Information Systems? An Exploratory Study / Hans Lehrnann

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Knowledge Mapping: An Essential Part of Knowledge Management /Jay Liebowitz A Model of a Computer Salary Calculation System in Poland / Wojciech Jurkowski

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Knowledge Management Systems: A Case Study of RDCIS Laboratories / R.K. Jha, K.K. Mallik and R.N. Mukherjee A General Analysis of the Impact of Electronic Commerce on Small Businesses and Entrepreneurships in the U.S. / Yun Wang

654 ... 657

A Comprehensive Approach to Teaching CS23 8 (Visual Basic Programming/Yun Wang


Facilitating Workgroup Reliance in Virtual Teams: The Relative Advantage of Two Communications Technologies /

Shaila Miranda


The Genetic Revolution: Ethical Implications for the 21st Century / Atefeh Sadri McCampbell and Linda Moorhead Clare


Security Risk Management Program Effectiveness: The Realities of Information Security Research / Andrew K DeltaM-A Decision Support System for Individual Opinion Forming About Spatial Plans / Ir. Alexandra Tisma A Simple Answer to IT Productivity Paradox / Ook Lee


667 669 672

A Decision Support Tool for Electric Utility Planning in Liberalised Energy Markets Under Environmental Constraints / Mathias

Gobelt, Wolf Fichtner, Martin Dreher, Martin Wietschel and Otto Rentz


IS Education in the New Millennium: Determining the Right Curriculum / Sanjeev Phukan, Ashok Ranchhod and T. Vasudavan. 676

Supporting Learning as a Process of Knowledge Creation within Communities of Knowing / I.T. Hawryszkiewycz


Measurement of College Computer Literacy Course / Nancy Tsai and Thomas Hebert College Student Research Strategies in an Electronic Age / Lora Robinson and Karen Thorns

681 683

Leading Without Bleeding: An Information Technology Case Study at Union Pacific Railroad / Uma Gupta, Randy Butler arid

Thomas Milner Envisioning the Future: ICT Education for the 21st Century/Eli Cohen and Andrew Targowski

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Structured Apprenticeship: Solution to the Management Information Technology Labor Shortage / Eli Cohen and Elizabeth Boyd .... 689

Clarifying Roles: The Use of Intelligent Agents in Knowledge Management / Bonnie Rubenstein-Montano Ethical Perceptions Regarding the Use of Workplace Technology / Heidi Perreault Critical Success Factors for Action in Innovative IT Projects / Camilla Kolsen de Wit Component-Based ERP Design in a Distributed Object Environment / Bonn-Oh Kim and Ted Lee A Course in Virtual Work /Christian Wagner Sticking to the Basics: Information Technology at the Glue Factory / Charles Davis and Charlene Dykman Combining Expressions and Speech in Talking Head Models / S.D. Scott, S.T. Leong andN.M. Brooke Evaluation and Measurement of R&D Knowledge in the Engineering Sector / Kristina Wagner and Ilja Hau


691 693 695 697 699 701 707 709

Applying Adult Learning Theory When Teaching Introduction to Computers to Female Inmates: Insights and Reflections /

Judy Caouette and Susan Feather


IT and Management Decision Support in Two Different Economies: A Comparative Study / Rimvydas Skyrius and Charles Winer.... 714

Will Asian-Pacific Information Technologists Develop a New Way to Manage International Banking Swift Messages? / George

Ballester Ethics, Authenticity and Emancipation in Information Systems Development / Stephen Probert Managing Dirty Data in Organizations: An Exploratory Case Study / Jodi Vbsburg and Anil Kumar Designing and Implementing an IT Evaluation Program / Han T.M. van der Zee Development and Implementation of an MBA Course on Information Management / Barbara Klein Undergraduate versus Graduate Perceptions of Internet Information Quality / Barbara Klein Work Stress Among Information Systems Professionals / Eugene Kaluzniacky Focus on IT-Enabled Change—St. Gallen's Master of Business Engineering Program /Robert Winter

717 719 721 723 727 729 731 734

Creating a Realistic Experience of an IS Project: The Team of Teams Approach / John Lamp and Carmen Lockwood Navigating the Web: From Information to Knowledge / Liliane Esnault and Romain Zeiliger Uses of New Information and Communication Technologies in Corporate Networking: What Are the Organizational Patterns? /

737 741

Laurence Fond-Harmant Environmental Supply-chain Management as Cost Driver: More Than the Environmental Performance of the Material Flow /




Home Telematics, or the Information Super Highway at Home / J. Scholtenand P.G. Jansen Promoting Collaboration Among Trainers in the National Weather Service / Victoria Johnson and Sherwood Wang Challenging Students to Live e-Business/Anthony David Stiller An Object Oriented Approach to User Interface Standards / Daniel Brandon Design of a Web-based Tutoring System for Java /Henry Emurian, Jingli Wang and Ashley Durham Managing Information Security in a Small IT-Service Company: A Case Study / Per Oscarson A Key Action Plan for Introducing Component Based Development / Pascal Gijsen and Ajantha Dahanayake Distance Learning Strategy for Academia: A Transnational Perspective / Mahesh Raisinghani IT Vision 2000: The State of the Art in the New Millennium / Mary Elizabeth Brabston A Practical Approach to Designing EAI-enabled Applications / Thang Nguyen and David Brady

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