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An Empirical Study of Excellent Information systems in Japanese Firms / Tatsumi Shimada and Sho Hanaoka Factors That Influence Information Systems Professionals' Career Path: Reflective Career Biographies / M. Gordon Hunter Evaluating Organizational Patxrns for Supporting Business Knowledge Management / Danny Brash, Nikos Prekas, Georges

770 772

Grosz and Farida Semmak

Empirical Studies on Effort Estimation in Software Development Projects / Magne Jorgensen and Dag Sjoberg

Information Systems: The Case of the Missing Body / John Mingers

775 778 780

Marketing in the E-Commerce Model: The State of the Art in Marketing.the Enterprise Web Site / Fred Augustine and

GaryOliphant • AThree Layered Approach for General Image Retrieval / Richard Chbeir, Youssef Amghar and Andre Flory Business to Consumer E-Commerce Growth Patterns: Analysis and Projects / Linda Knight and Diane Graf Problems in the Education of ICT Professionals in Mozambique: A Case Study / Marisa Balas and Paul Mantelaers

782 784 786

Perceptions of business-to-Consumer Electronic Commerce: A Comparison of Two Cultures / France Belanger and Craig van Slyke 791

Meeting the E-Commerce Challenge in the Undergraduate Curriculum / Irv Englander Knowledge Management as Structuration of IT and Organization / Emmanuelle Vaast

and William Schiano

793 795

Web-Based Systems Development: Characteristics of Winning Solutions / Renee Dschida, Marianne Elmer, Kim Groshek and

Anil Kumar Developing an Expert System to Software Selection for Small Business / Leopoldo Colmenares New Developments in Accounting for computer Software / John Leavins, Margaret Shelton and Pat Hogan

798 800 802

Recruiting the Best in These Very tough Times: A Study of Recruiter Behaviors Preferred by MIS Graduates / Victor Perotti

and Valerie Perotti Offensive and Defensive Computer Forensics / H.B. Wolfe

803 805

Measuring Nature and Extent of Organizational Use of the World Wide Web: Development of a Coding Scheme / Clayton

Looney andDebabroto Chatterjee A View of the Future: Using Wireless Devices as a Support Mechanism for Distance Education /A. Stander


808 812

The Effects of Work-Family Conflict on IT Workers' Careers: A Gender-Based Analysis / Manju Ahuja and Florence Rodhain.... 814

Building Global Information Systems Capabilities: A Resource-Based Approach / Y.H. Chen Determinants of Diffusion in Network Effect Markets/ Oliver Wendt and FalkWestarp

815 819

Automatic Classification of Electronic Commerce Applications in the World Wide Web: A Neural Network Based Approach /

KarlKurbel Software Reuse in Hypermedia Applications / Mario Bochicchio and Roberto Paiano The Object Pattern Concept Applied to the Entity-Relationship Data Model / Thomas Hilton and David Olsen Educational Technology and Emergent Forms of Education / Geoffrey Mitchell and Beverley Hope Enterprise System/E-Business Integration—The Next Wave/Alden Lorents

824 826 830 833 836

An Examination of Perceived Value of Secondary Knowledge Soruces for IT Projects / Matthew Swinarski and H. Raghav Rao . 839 The Relationship Among Planning, Implementation and Performance in the Context of Information Systems / Saonee Sarker

and Suprateek Sarker


On the Effects of Exogenous and Endogenous Variable on Information Privacy Concerns: A Preliminary Comparative Study /

David Vance


An Exploratory Study of Teaching a Case Method Online / Minh Huynh, Jae-Nam Lee, Kwok Ron Chi-wai and Shih-Ming Pi... 847

A Computer Mediated Teaching and Learning Scheme for Bangladesh Open University / M. Murshed, G. Karmakar,

S.M. Rahman, and M.H. Rahman Improving Business Processes Asynchronously / DorrieDeLuca and Ned Kock A KM-Enabled Architecture for Collaborative Systems / Lina Zhou and Dhongsong Zhang

850 853 855 -

Incentives and Mechanisms for Intra-Organizational Knowledge Sharing / Sury Ravindran and Sumit Sarkar XML Based Interactive Video and Data Services Over Cable / Rong Zhu, Dong Xie, Richard Chernock and David Seidman IT Initiatives: The Influences of Management Practices and Organizational Factors in Large Complex Organizations / Mehdi

858 859

Ghods and Christoph Klomp Integrating IT Education and the World Outside / E.O. deBrock ERP-Based Knowledge Transfer / Zoonky Lee, Jinyoul Lee and Tim Sieber Using Community Service-Learning in an Information Systems Course / Eugene Rathswohl Use of SBIDA Cases for IS Projects / Norman Pendegraft and Joseph Geiger Spreadsheet Simulation of CDMA/Norman Pendegraft Using Information Models to Support Web-Based Search / Hilary Kahn and Andrew Carpenter Hospital Information Initiatives in the Digital Environment / Joseph van Matre and Donna Slovensky Performance Specifications of Software Components / Andre Scholz Critical Success Factors for Infomediaries / Lakshmi Mohan and Matthew Pelish

861 863 865 868 870 872 874 877 879 881

Managing Referntial Integrity and Non Key-based Dependencies in a Denormalized Context / Laura Rivero and Jorge Doom


Designing Web-Based Courses with a Case-Based Reasoning Component / Gary Schmidt and Donna LaLonde Supporting the Maintenance and Evolution of Information Models / Hilary Kahn and Nick Filer

887 888

Adoption of Object Oriented Analysis and Design in the Mainstream IS Curriculum / Jean-Pierre Kuilboer and Noushin Ashrafi. 891 Development and Validation of an Instrument to Evaluate the Impact of Information Technology Investments: A Cross-

country Analysis/Antonio C.G. Macada, Mo Adam Mahmood and JoaoLuiz Becker Analysis of Learning Outcomes for Web-Based Instruction / Robert Rademacher

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