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Using Digital Video to Enable the Learning Experience: Transformational Leadership in the U.S. Air Force / Michael Kull and

Kristin Goodwin Employee-Related Costs and Benefits, in IT Investment Decisions: An Empirical Investigation / Sherry Ryan and


Lawrence Schkade Logical Designs ofObject-Relatinal Databases/Wai Yin Mok The State of the Knowledge Industry: An Interpretive Exploration / Michael Kull

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Knowledge Management Systems: An Imperative for Supporting the E-commerce Customer / Babita Gupta and Lakshmi Iyer ... 904

An Efficient Method for Narrowband Bandpass for Filter Design / Gordana Jovanovic-Dolecek


Kierkegaard and the Internet: The Role and Formation of Community in Education / Andrew Ward and Brian Prosser Intelligent Transport Systems for Electronic Commerce: A Preliminary Discussion in the Australian Context / Girija


Krishnaswamy How Real is the Virtual University? / Dewald Roode

911 .-. 913

A Comparison of Australian and American Students' Perceptions of IT Job Skills / Liisa von Hellens, Craig Van Slyke and

MarcyKittner Undergraduate Global IT Education: An Experiential Approach Using the Concept of Fit / Joan Mann Managing Internet Access Services: Competition, Market Share and Profitability / Thomas (Yew Sing) Lee A CIS Curriculum Planning Model for a Four-Year CIS Program / Denise McGinnis, Gayla Jo Slauson and Chad Grabow Towards an Automatic Massive Course Generation System / Ahmed Kandil, Ahmed El-Bialy and Khaled Wahba An Enterprise Approach to the CIS Curriculum / Fred Augustine and Theodore Surynt Student Competencies: Computer Skills for business Majors: Standards, Assessment and Instructional Issues / Shirley


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Fedorovich Generalizing Association Rules with Ordinal Intensity of Implication / Sylvie Guillaume and Ali Khenchaf.. .


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Developing a Model to Understand the Contribution of IT-Related Interventions to Sustainable Socio-Economic Development

in Rural Communities: A Grounded Theory Approach / Lizette Crafford and Dewald Roode Strategic Information Resources Management in Government: Lessons from International Benchmarking / Hyeon-Kon Kim Dynamic Knowledge-Based Construction Through Knowledge Discovery / Heidi Arndt and Herna Viktor

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IT, E-commerce and the Knowledge Worker of the Future / Michael Savoie


A View on ICT Policy Forming Initiatives in South Africa: The Social Constitution of ICT Policies in Developing Countries /

M. O. Oberholzer Application of Information Management with meeting Automation Tool / Andrey Naumenko and Alain Wegmann On-the-Scene Education of Information Technology Staff/ Kresimir Fertalj, Damir Kalpic and Nikola Hadjina Designing, Developing, and Maintaining Concurrent Systems Based on Self-Measurement Principle / Jingde Cheng Getting Grip on Knowledge Management / R.J Maas, R. Maghnouji, G.J. de Vreede, and H.G. Sol

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A Distributed Cognition Analysis of Mobile CSCW / Mikael Wiberg and AkeGronlund MatchDetectReveal: Finding Ovelapping and Similar Digital Documents / Krisztian Monostori, Arkady Zaslavsky


and Heinz Schmidt Bending the Paradigm: The Use of the Studio as an Essential Component of the Structure of the Bachelor of


Multimedia / Katherine Blashki Adaptive Web Representation / Amo Scharl

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Problems in the Implementation and Utilisation of IT in Mozambique: The MIS-Modum Case / Marisa Balas and Paul Mantelaers ... 948

Temporal Relevant Logic as the Logical Basis of Autonomous Evolutionary Information Systems / Jingde Cheng

Strategic Healthcare: Information Strategy, Information Structure and Information Systems in Healthcare Organizations /




Predictors of Strategic Information Systems Planning Autonomy in U.S. Subsidiaries of Foreign Firms / Dinesh

Mirchandani and Albert Lederer Cobol Courses for the 21st Century / Michael Payne Formal vs. Informal End User Training / Liangfu Wu and Bruce Rocheleau Knowledge Management and Electronic Commerce/Vincent Yen Where Have All the Women Gone? / Susan Athey and John Hoxmeier


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Experimental Results: Teaching Programming With/Without Technology / Lisa Mullin and Michael Macdonald Value-Added Measurement: A Business Perspective on Budgeting and Resource Allocation Applied to the Non-profit


World of Libraries / Virginia Taylor and Caroline Coughlin Comparative Case Study of Multiple "Schools of Thought" in Microcomputer Applications Teaching / Freddie Beaver, Judith


Simon, Wade Jackson and Judith Brown Efficient Query Processing with Structural Join Indexing in an Object Relational Data Warehousing Environment / Vivekanand


Gopalkrishnan, Qing Li and Kamalakar Karlapalem Integrating the Balanced Scorecard and Software Measurement Frameworks / Nancy Eickelmann Knowledge Management and Virtual Communities / W. Jansen and H.P.M. Jagers An Object-Oriented Approach to Conceptual Hypermedia Modeling / Wilfried Lemahieu Contextualising Knowledge Management for Innovation / Sue Newell, Jacky Swan and Maxine Robertson Turmoil in the Telecommunications Industry / James Perotti The Pros and Cons of Web-Based Teaching: Who Wins? Faculty Perceptions of the Advantages/Disadvantages of the World


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Wide Web / Katia Passerini, Mary Granger, Bill Koffenberger and Kemal Cakici


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