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Improving Inductive Accuracy by Classifying Errors / Catherine Murphy


Problems and Conflicts While Developing an Executive Information System-an Experience Report / Andr Can Your University Learn? / Robert Childs and Gerry Gingrich Conceptual Foundations of Tool-based Evolutionary Web Development / Christian Bauer and Arno Scharl Enhanced Learning with Personalized Course Pages / Wendy Lucas and Mark Frydenberg Computer Technology-Keepig Students Honest / Tony Richardson

e Scholz

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Data Models Supporting Knowledge Management: What Can a General Data Model Do for Knowledge Management? / David Mayrhofer and Andrea Polterauer Tacit Knowledge Acquisition and Processing Within the Computing Domain: An Exploratory Study / Peter Anthony Busch

1012 1014

Teaching E-Commerce BackOffice / Ric Jentzsch


Twelve Questions to Answer Before Offering a Web-Based Curriculum / M. Khris McAlister, Julio Rivera and Stephen Hallam 1018

Modelling Business Rules Uisng Defeasible Logic / G. Antoniou and M. Arief The Place of Homework in an Information Systems Tutorial / Bill Morgan and Bob Godfrey

1020 1023

The Development of a Framework to Evaluate the Organizational Informatization Level / Soo Kyoung Lim, Moo-Jung Kang,

Byung-wookLee, andMyung-sun Jeong.. Making the Systems Analysis and Design Class More Realistic: Managing Vendors, Politics and Technology / Mark Serva


and Mark Fuller An Informal Study of Visual Depictions of Workflow / Brent Auernheimer and Nicole Lampe-Nalchajian GSS: Old Dog, New Tricks Applying GSS to Marketing Research / George Easton, Annette Easton and Michael Belch Human Learning Models and Data Collection Over the Long Haul / Kevin Reilly and Norman Bray Prolegomenon to Computer-Based Great Epistemologies Education / Kevin Reilly and Norman Bray Amerireal Corporation: Information Technology and Organizational Performance / Mo Adam Mahmood, Gary Mann and

1028 1029 1031 1033 1035

MarkDubrow Looking at Leadership in Informatin Service Teams: A New Approach / Vicky Wilson Developing an Architecture for Global Remote Network Access: One Organization's Approach / Sujit Attavar and Gerald Grant Strategies for Improving the Quality of Entity Relationship Models: A toolkit for Practitioners / Daniel Moody Automating Libraries in Developing Countries: The Experience at Almaty State University / Paola Bielli Servitization in the Automotive Sector: Crating Value and Competitive Advantage Through Service After Sales /

1037 1039 1041 1043 1046

Sven Verstrepen, Dirk Deschoolmeester and Roel van den Berg Developing an Environmental Management Information System for the Sustainable Development of the Ski Resort of


Les Arcs / Alain Bedecarrats, Frederic Berger, Francoise Dinger, Danielle Hirsch, Rogier Wilms and Jeroen Aerts Leveraging the Information Architecture to Support Strategy / Vikram Sethi, Tonya Barrier and Ruth King Database Usage in Municipal Information Systems: A Case Study / David Olsen and Jeff Johnson Accounting Database Design and SQL Implementation Revisited / David Olsen, James Cochrane and Teresa Visser Electronic Commerce and Data Mining: Minimum Degree Ordering for Identifying Association Rules / Selwyn Piramuthu Using Formal Specifications in Object Oriented Design / Laura Felice An Experience Factory for Knowledge Discovery in Databases: Representing KDD-Experience / Kai Bartlmae Knowledge Management in the University Secotr: Some Empirical Results / Elayne Coakes and Gill Sugden The Situation Is Flexible: Experimentation with Problem-Based Learning at an Australian University / Vicky Wilson

1051 1053 1055 1058 1061 1062 1064 1066 1068

Information Manager/Librarian to Knowledge Manager: Change of Role / K. Nageswara Rao and K.H. Babu Relationship of Computer Anxiety and the Computer Operating Environment Among Collegiate Business Students / Karen


Nantz and Marilyn Wilkins Social Barriers for Knowledge Databases in Professional Service Firms / Georg Disterer

1086 1088

Information Systems Project Management: Managing Beyond the Comfort Zone / Tracey Neil and Pak Yoong


Simulation for Business Engineering of Electronic Markets / Marijn Janssen and Henk Sol What Do Good Designers Know That We Don't? / Morgan Jennings ANew Cell Mapping Model for Multipriority Video Over ATM / Gamze Seckin and Forouzan Golshani Cobol Course for the 21st Century / Michael Payne User Capabilities as a Variable in Model-Based DSS Design: A Case Study / Dennis Drinka Representing and Reasoning with Scenarios Within Information Systems Modeling / Choong-ho Yi Yet Another Productivity Paradox? CRM and Customer Satisfaction / C. Sophie Lee To Team or Not to Team? A Pedagogical Perspective / C. Sophie Lee

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Information Technology in Hungary: A Study of IT Industry and Policy in the Context of Economic Transition / G. Harindranath ... 1092

The Cost of Email Within Organisations / Thomas Jackson, Ray Dawson and Darren Wilson The Impact of Technology/Product Disocntinuity to Inter-Departmental Interfaces / Hung-bin Ding and Yi-kuan Lee Intelligent QoS Support for an Adaptive Video Service / Kyungkoo Jun, Ladislau Boloni, David Yau and Dan Marinescu Knowledge Generating System: A Mechanism that Generates Generated Knowledge / Keiichi Yamada ....„

1093 1095 1096 1099

An IT Approach to Faculty Development / Sorel Reisman Effect of Hypertext and Animation on Learning / Ashu Guru, Fui Hoon Nah and Patricia Hain Assurance Service: The Trust Builder of Electronic Commerce/Minnie Yi-Miin Yen

1101 1103 1105

A Collaborative Design-by-Sketching Conception Design Tool for Multimedia Application Development / KY R. Li, T. Ong

and R.J. Willis Inside IBM: Redefining the Customer Relationship via a Knowledge Management System / Anne Massey, Mitzi Montoya-


Weiss and Kent Holcom


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