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Task Oriented Organizational memory for Efficient Product Assortment / David Croasdell and William Fuerst Interdependence, Co-ordination and Learning: Outline of a Research Programme to Study and Improve Creative Action /




Impacts of Data Warehousing Implementation on Retailers' Marketing Performances / Soongoo Hong and Pairin Katerattanakul.... 1113

Power Perspectives of Process Modelling / Gillian Mallalieu and Stephen Probert


Knowledge Sharing Across Organizational Boundaries with Application to Distributed Engineering Processes / Gerd Frick,

Eric Sax and Klaus Muller-Glaser


Towards a Model for Achitectural Co-ordination of Business and IT Perspective / Hakan Enquist and Thanos Magoulas


Establishing a Bridge from Academia to Industry: The Faculty Internship/Ming Wang The Balanced Scorecard and IT Governance / Wim van Grembergen Predictability of Exchange Rate Dynamics: A Review of the Evidence / Nozar Hashemzadeh Design and Implementation of an MIS of Telecom Service / Ruihong Tianjin and Guixiang Su

1121 1123 1125 1127

Distance Learning Methodologies in the Information Systems Curriculum: Clusters as an Internet Deliveyr Correlative /

Joseph"Morrell and Charles Mawhinney


Putting Knowledge Management Technologies into Distance Education / Kong Gui Lan, Yang Yue Xiang and Zhang Yin Fu:.... 1129

Facilitating Sensemaking in Knowledge Integration Within Geographically Dispersed Cross-Functional Teams / Thekla

Rura-Polley, Igor Hawryszkiewycz and Ellen Baker Marketing the IT Function: Furthering In-House Knowledge Elicitation / Ashok Ranchhod and Ray Hackney Website Access Behavior in the Workplace: A Structural Equation Approach / Murugan Anandarajan, Milton Silver,

1131 1135

Clair Simmers and Magid Igbaria A Continuous Media File System/Y.M. Liow, Tony Chan and Francis Lee What is Information? A Review of Different Perspectives / Andrew Targowski and Gurpreet Dhillon Advancing Information Management: Reveling in Information Rather Than Knowledge / R.D. Gallers and S.M. Newell Active Learning, Teamwork and IT Technology / Dennis Bialaszewski Digitization as Adaptation: The Evolution of the Superfund Document Management System / Steven Wyman and Verne

1138 1140 1142 1144 1146

McFarland., Multimedia Scenarios and Role-Playing / Urban Nulden, Christian Hardless, Malin Nilsson, Charlotta Bohrn, Charlotte


Ljungblad, Bodil Ward and Louice Nilsson


The Use of Kaizen in Information Systems Requirements Definition: A Case Study at Pella Corporation / Roberta Roth Developing National Library Network Statistics and Performance Measures: Issues, Findings and Recommendations /

John C. Bertot, Colleen Ostiguy and Charles McClure Developing National Library Network Statistics and Performance Measures: Measuring Online Database Usage /

Colleen Ostiguy and John c. Bertot Extending Electronic Catalogs for Supply Chain Management / Aryya Gangopadhyay ORION: Supporting the Management of Business IT/ Theo Lantzos, Gillian Mallalieu and Helen Edwards

1150 1152


1158 1160 1162

Usability: Changes"in the Field—A Look at the Systems Quality Aspect of Changing Usability Practices / Leigh Ellen Potter.... 1164

Community Informatics: The Next Frontier / C. Romm and W. Taylor Thinking Creatively About On-Line Education/C.Romm and W.Taylor

1167 1170

The Pros and Cons of Adopting Internet Technology to Conduct Interorganizational Electronic Commerce / Khalid Soliman


Critical Success Factors in Implementing Software Reuse: A Managerial Prospective / Khalid Soliman Designing Recycling Systems Using Closed Queueing Networks / Jurgen Hesselbach and Westernhagen

1174 1176

Effective Management of Information Technology: Critical Success Factors Approach for Australian CEOs / Vrjay Khandelwal 1178 Disassembly Planning in Conventional PPC-Systems: Problems and Suggestions / Alexander Huber and Jorge Marx-Gomez .... 1181

New Trends in Model Engineering / Jean Bezivin


Web Survey Design with Active Server Pages: A new Research Method / Chang Liu, Gary Armstrong, Daniel Lee and June Lu 1188

End-User Types and End-User Support: A Study / Chittibabu Govindarajulu


Systems Development and Implementation in RCL, Inc. / Vikram Sethi and David Meinert

Two Decades of Project Management Research: Lessons Learned / Uma Gupta

1190 1192 1194

An Information systems Architecture Model for Public Sector: From Data Processing StateEnterprises / Tania Fatima Calvi

Tait and Roberto Pacheco


Rural Telecommunications for Development: Lessons from the Alaskan Experience / Heather E. Hudson and Theda Pittman .... 1199 An Investigation of the Factors that Motivate IT Personnel to Accept Transitions to New Technologies and Environments /

Mehdi Ghods, Kay Nelson, Mari Buche and Jody Lynn Information Systems Re-engineering Strategies / Ghazi Alkhatib

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