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carefully trying to select the best options for tyre waste management in Hong Kong.

Researchers began testing rubberized asphalt a few years ago and now the Hong Kong

government has begun its own tests, which could lead to its expanded use in the near

future. Rubbersoil is one possible solution that has been developed in Hong Kong, but

has not replaced conventional materials due to technical problems. Many solutions

have been proposed and tested to reduce tyre waste in Hong Kong.

There are many more ways in which Hong Kong could recycle waste tyres,

such as uses in civil engineering, like rubberized concrete. Although this technology

has been tested in the United States there is still a lot of testing that needs to be done

before it can be implemented in Hong Kong. Every solution used in foreign countries

has the possibility of being an effective option for waste tyre management in Hong

Kong. With few methods currently being employed in Hong Kong, there is a large

pool of technologies and methods that potentially could reduce tyre waste but first

need to be brought to the attention of Hong Kong’s government and private sector.

Currently Hong Kong’s government manages waste tyres no differently than other

waste, but there is potential for environmental improvement through waste tyre


The goal of our project was to propose steps towards a sustainable tyre

management system for Hong Kong. We accomplished this goal by meeting several

objectives. We determined the scale of the waste tyre problem in Hong Kong and

what methods are currently being implemented to alleviate the situation. We selected

the best possible waste tyre management methods from our research into current

methods from around the world. Then we proposed solutions to implement the most

effective and feasible options in Hong Kong. We believe that our project has


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