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These countries, such as Britain, provide excellent benchmarks for how the

Hong Kong government can be involved and help. Legislation is not the only factor

that must be taken into account when assessing waste management methods;

sociopolitical factors play an important role in determining the best management

method for Hong Kong as well.

2.4 Sociopolitical Factors

An important concern in implementing any type of tyre waste management

technology is sociological and political factors. A country cannot successfully control

any type of waste product without an educated and informed population. Public

support for recycling and reuse technologies depends on how informed people are

about environmental issues.

Sociological Factors

Hong Kong and the United States have different environmental attitudes and

beliefs. Hong Kong’s legislation and the residents’ concern for their environment

likely is due to the pollution that comes from Mainland China, which is not nearly as

regulated as Hong Kong (HKEPD, 2005). The majority of Hong Kong’s residents are

ethnic Chinese with approximately one-half of them being born in mainland China, so

their concern for Hong Kong’s environment may be due to experience with the

serious problems across the border. Surveys show that the majority of people in Hong

Kong consider air pollution to be a serious problem (Martinsons et al, 1997). The

environmental attitudes of people in Hong Kong depend strongly on the demographic

in question. The older or less educated people tend to think less of the environment,

while the females and more educated individuals surveyed have stronger

environmental attitudes (Lai et al, 2003). There exists very little awareness to tyre


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