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Ahmed, I. (1993). Use of waste materials in highway construction. William Andrew Publishing/Noyes. Online version available at: http://www.knovel.com/knovel2/Toc.jsp?BookID=188&VerticalID=0

This book describes the uses of various waste products in highway construction. It touches on tire waste, “crumb rubber”, and also on furnace ash product (from burning tires, possibly).

Anthony, W. S. (1999). Turning old tires into new products. Agricultural Research. 47, 23.

This article describes a new method for separating crumb rubber from the fiber components in tires. The article also touches on uses of these products, as well as profit margins.

Aoyagi-Usui, Midori, Vinken, Henk, & Kuribayashi, Atsuko (2003). Pro- environmental attitudes and behaviors: an international comparison. Human Ecology Review. 10, 23-31.

This journal article provides an international comparison on environmental behaviors. The countries studied include the Asian countries of Japan, Bangkok, and Manila contrasted against the United States, the Netherlands. The research may not have taken enough countries into consideration, and China isn’t included in the study.

AUTh School of Engineering, (1999). Tyre wear: tyre and particle composition. Retrieved February 4, 2007, from AUTh School of Engineering Web Site Web site: http://vergina.eng.auth.gr/mech0/lat/PM10/Tyre%20wear- tyre%20and%20particle%20composition.htm

This website reviews a few journal articles on the chemical and structural composition of tyres. Some of the tables are fairly informative.

Bignozzi, M. (2006). Tyre rubber waste recycling in self-compacting concrete. Cement and Concrete Research, 36(4), 735-739.

This journal article studies various mixtures of tire waste and concrete. It compares compressive strengths with known values for different types of concrete.

Blumenthal, M. (1997). Growing markets for scrap tires. BioCycle. 38, 53-56.

In this article the tire derived product market for the year of 1996 is analyzed. 1996 was an excellent year for the environmentally friendly use of tire waste


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