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This webpage gives an overview of tire recycling which gives no new or interesting information, but goes on to another section talking extensively about rubber soil technologies.

Edil, T. B., Park, J. K., & Kim, J. Y. (2004). Effectiveness of scrap tire chips as sorptive drainage material. Journal of Environmental Engineering 130, 824-831.

This journal article tests tire chips as a drainage and absorptive material material through both tank and field tests. It concluded the tire chips can absorb volatile organic compounds and is a good drainage material.

Energy Manager Training, (2004). Energy Manager Training. Retrieved February 8, 2007, from Tyre Web site: http://www.energymanagertraining.com/tyre/tyre.htm

This website provides some information, though not all referenced. The pictures and diagrams provided on tyre manufacturing technology are very valuable. The pictures include a diagram of the factory process along with a cross section of tyres. The discussion also includes an in-depth explanation of “vulcanization”, though a knowledge of chemistry would help in understanding.

Environmental Protection Agency, (1999). State tyre legislation and funds. Retrieved January 18, 2007, from State Scrap Tire Programs Web site: http://www.epa.gov/epaoswer/non-hw/muncpl/tires/scrapti.pdf

A 200 page reference from the US EPA on the tire programs for each state. The information is segregated by state then organized into tables. Provides information on legislation, state funding sources, state contact information, and more.

Environmental Protection Agency. (2006). Management of scrap tires. Retrieved Dec 2, 2006 from http://www.epa.gov/epaoswer/non-hw/muncpl/tires/index.htm

This is the central government page on waste tire management. It briefly covers many of the issues around waste tires. With links to many government reports and statistics it is a central location with many of the facts especially concerning government actions and laws.

Environmental Protection Agency, (2007). Management of scrap tires. Retrieved February 11, 2007, from Basic information Web site: http://www.epa.gov/epaoswer/non-hw/muncpl/tires/basic.htm

This website provides an overview of the waste tyre problem in the United States with updated statistics. The site also provides plenty of links for more information.

Environmental Protection Agency, (2007, January). Management of Scrap Tires. Retrieved January 31, 2007, from Pyrolysis Web site: http://www.epa.gov/garbage/tires/science.htm

This website provides some updated statistics on tyre pyrolysis with some additional links.


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