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European tyre and rubber manufacturers' association, (2006a, March 17). End of life tyres. Retrieved February 11, 2007, from European legislation impacting end of life tyres Web site: http://www.etrma.org/public/activitieseoflteuleg.asp

This website provides an overview of the legislation governing used tyres in the European Union. The site provides links to the actual documents if you’d like to read them yourself.

European tyre and rubber manufacturers' association, (2006b, April 18). End of life tyres. Retrieved February 11, 2007, from Retreading Web site: http://www.etrma.org/public/activitieseofltretre.asp

This website provides some statistics on retreading in the European Union, along with some basic information on retreading and EU legislation.

European tyre and rubber manufacturers' association, (2006c, July). End of life tyres. Retrieved February 11, 2007, from Use as an alternative fuel Web site: http://www.etrma.org/public/activitieseofltrecov.asp

This website provides information on how common it is to burn tyres in the EU, and the legislation governing the burning. The site also provides some information regarding the costs of converting a cement kiln.

Farrell, M. (1999a). Building sustainable recycled tire markets. BioCycle. 40, 50-53.

This article talks about the value of tire derived fuel, but also discusses regulations and incentives towards tire recycling imposed in various US states.

Farrell, M. (1999b). Funding innovative uses for scrap tires. BioCycle. 40, 61-64.

This article gives further examples of the uses of scrap tires in civil engineering. It discusses tracks made from tire rubber, new tires made from old ones (for carts, etc.), as well as now interesting civil engineering projects being undertaken by a few states.

Frederick, James S. 2000. International Labour Association. Retrieved February 8, 2007, from Tyre Manufacturing Web site: http://www.ilo.org/encyclopedia/?doc&nd=857200086&nh=0

This website provides an article on tyre manufacturing. The article was written as an account of a tour, with first hand experience with one particular operation. The page includes some useful diagrams and photos.

Gray, K. (1998). Shredded tire market options. BioCycle. 39, 52-54.

This article doesn’t give too much new information that isn’t given in other articles (such as tire markets in civil engineering projects). It does however talk about the equipment uses to shred tires and how they run into problems shredding


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