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the plant. The contact information sometimes included other websites and email addresses.

Niemeyer, Shirley, Heiden, Kathleen, Grisso, Bobby, & Woldt, Wayne. (2005). Managing wastes: tires. Retrieved January 30, 2007, from HealthGoods Web site: http://healthgoods.com/Education/Environment_Information/Solid_Waste/managing_ wastes_tires.htm

This website provides a very general overview of scrap tires. It cites some sources, which may be the only thing useful for the report.

Pyper, Wendy (2004). A heap of great returns. ECOS, 118, Retrieved January 30, 2007, from http://www.publish.csiro.au/?act=view_file&file_id=EC118p22.pdf

This article discusses an Australian innovator’s method for recycling tyres, and his company Molectra. The three stage process of chemical treatment, grinding, and microwave energy is discussed along with how the products are used. The last page also discusses the profitability of the technology by citing some actual numbers. Provided an email for contact.`

Rodriguez, I, Laresgoiti, M, Cabrero, M, Torres, A, Chomon, M, & Caballero, B (2000). Pyrolysis of scrap tyres. Fuel Processing Technology, 72, 9-22.

This journal article provided in depth information about tyre pyrolysis. The article explains how processes in the past for studying tyre pyrolysis were often flawed and problematic, and often the sample put in the reactors weren’t representative of the entire tyre. The article performs pyrolysis on a carefully selected piece of tyre and compares the resulting oils, gases, and char at different temperatures of pyrolysis. Very informative article.

Rowe, Mark (2002, May 15). Dumped on. Retrieved February 4, 2007, from Guardian Unlimited Web site: http://www.guardian.co.uk/waste/story/0,12188,747921,00.html

This news article provides more general knowledge on the tyre waste problem in the UK, but also includes some commentary by an expert. This discussion includes burning tyres, and tyre reef projects.

Rubber Manufacture's Association. (1999). State legislation table. Retrieved January 18, 2007, from State Scrap Tire Fees and Point of Collection Web site: https://www.rma.org/publications/scrap_tires/index.cfm?PublicationID=11124

This website was linked to from the US EPA, and provides information on each state’s tire collection fees, including the money collected and who collects it.

Rubber Manufacture's Association. (2004, November). State legislation. Retrieved January 18, 2007, from Table of State Legislation of Scrap Tires Web site: https://www.rma.org/publications/scrap_tires/index.cfm?PublicationID=11121


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