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This website was linked to from the US EPA, and provides fairly up to date information on each state’s legislation in an easy to read table.

Rubber Pavements Association. (1998, May). Frequently asked questions. Retrieved January 14, 2007, from Main Page Web site: http://www.rubberpavements.org/

This website provides an abundance of information regarding rubber pavement technology in an attempt to promote the technology. The various links include an insightful FAQ, as well as links for further information and contacts.

Steuteville, R. (1995). Puncturing the scrap tire problem. BioCycle. 36, 51-53.

This expands on some uses of scrap tires, citing statistics from the early 90s. About one page in length.

Willard, P., & Smith, E. D. (2006). Waste tire recycling: environmental benefits and commercial challenges. International Journal of Environmental Technology & Management 6, 362-374.

This article focuses on recycling efforts made by the state of California, as well as projects by the US Army corps of Engineers (determined via abstract as well).

Williams, Paul (1999, November 22). University Of Leeds. Retrieved January 30, 2007, from High Value Products from Scrap Tyres Web site: http://www.leeds.ac.uk/reporter/443/tyres.htm

This website discusses the tyre pyrolysis technologies being developed at the University of Leeds in the UK. The technologies and research lead to some interesting finds, such as the composition of tyre pyrolysis oil contains valuable chemicals such as “limonene”.

Williams, P.T., & Brindle, A.J. (2002). Catalytic pyrolysis of tyres: influence of catalyst temperature. Fuel. 81, 2425-2434.

This journal article describes research into the effect of the temperature of a zeolite catalyst on gas composition from tyre pyrolysis. The paper shows what gases are produced as a result of modifying the temperature. By using a catalyst they show a degree of control over the output gas, which has important commercial implications.

Yang, G. (1993). Recycling of discarded tires in Taiwan . Conservation And Recycling , 9(3), 191-199.

This looks at the 30 year old tire recycling program in Taiwan, with an emphasis on the 80s. It also discuses the government regulations and recycling methods (only found the abstract for this article).


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