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Appendix C: Interview with Bobby Lundin, Tire Recycling Plant Employee of JP Routhier & Sons, Inc.

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    How long has JP Routhier & Sons, Inc been in the tire business? JP Routhier & Sons, Inc. has been operating this particular plant since 1989.

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    What parts of the tire do you manage to recycle? This facility manages to create one inch shreds, which are used in that form for either creating crumb rubber, or burned directly. The steel wire in the tire is magnetically separated, but steel companies believe there is too much rubber mixed with this product to create steel, so it sits in piles for the time being.

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    What is the most significant source of your scrap tires? The tires come in from a variety of places on a daily basis.

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    What tire derived product do you make the most of? This facility makes one inch chips.

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    Who buys your tire derived product? Anyone who wants to create crumb rubber from the one inch shreds, and also use the shreds directly for fuel.

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    Do you create any tire derived fuel? Yes

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      If yes, who generally finds a use for this fuel? Paper mills generally burn the product for fuel.

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    What are some hazards involved with the recycling process? The machines that shred the tires are obviously a hazard, and you have to be careful for the steel wire, but otherwise the process is safe.

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    How do you create tire derived fuel? The one inch shreds can be burned directly as they are, since the metal wire is removed magnetically.

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    How do you separate the steel from the tire? The two inch shreds are further shredded to one inch shreds. As these are rolled down a conveyor and into a pile a rotating magnetic drum catches the metal wires and puts them into a separate pile.

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      What is done with this steel? 57

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