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Q: What are your plans for the future? A: A producer responsibility scheme is going to be implemented. To gain funds to help supplement the costs of recycling waste tyres. However, we are not in charge of that so we cannot go into great detail about it. There is a report posted on the EPD website at http://www.epd.gov.hk/epd/msw/.

Waste tyre uses:

Q: Is it practical in Hong Kong to create rubbersoil, rubberized concrete, rubber mats, tyre reefs, tyre derived fuel, or pyrolosis? A: Currently there are 11 projects involving rubbersoil, such as roadwork, slope work, and subbase. However, this technology is still in its infancy so before it can become a widely accepted technology it needs to be proven.

Also rubbersoil is a patented technology so there is no competition. Hong Kong is also conducting studies on rubberized concrete as a possibility for reuse. The company Jets Technics is one of the largest manufacturers of rubber mats in Hong Kong and they are very profitable. Hong Kong also has some pilot programs in using waste tyres for artificial reefs through the Agricultural and Fishery Departement, though these methods at most will consume one years worth of tyres. The PRC scheme may allow for a full scale tyre reed project in Hong Kong in the future. Pyrolysis is very expensive though several companies have looked into it.

Laws and Legislation:

Q: What current laws regulate the disposal of waste tyres? A: There are no laws that directly regulate the disposal of tyres. Landfills are

required to apply for a permit when discarding tyres, and they are required to split the tyres in half for burial.

Q: Is there any planned legislation to regulate tyre disposal? A: Yes, Hong Kong is looking into tyre collection and disposal fees, amoungst other legislation governing the transportation and export of tyre waste.

Types of Rubber:

Q: What types of scrap rubber are used in Hong Kong? A: There is a project to export crumb rubber as a resource, and the highway department is open to proposals though they haven’t used rubbersoil technologies yet. There is a company that uses tyre rubber to make rubberized asphalt, though it’s currently only used in mainland China. This company hasn’t been too successful yet but may be expanded to doing work in Hong Kong. Goldbond is the company in Hong Kong that makes rubberized asphalt.

Q: How do you remove the steel from the tyres? A: The metal bands from the tyres are removed mechanically. The rest of the


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