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APPENDIX E: Phone interview with Lau Tit Chu, Owner of Man Lee Hang Tyre & Battery Company

1) What is your name? Lau Tit Chu. I am the owner of Man Lee Hang Tyre & Battery Co. Ltd.

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    How long has your company been in the business of collection tyres? We have been in the business of collecting tyres for 29 years.

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    How many tyres do you collect on a daily and yearly basis? We average about 100 tyres on a daily basis and so about 36,500 on a yearly basis.

  • 4)

    What kinds of tyres are collected? We collected all kinds of tyres.

  • 5)

    What percentage of vehicle tyres or bus tyres is collected? It is about 40% small size tyres, 30% middle size tyres and 30% large size tyres.

  • 6)

    Do you ever collect a fee for the disposal of tyres? Yes. We charge $3 for small size tyre, $8 for middle size and $15 for large one. The fee also depends on the distance we need to go to collect the tyre, the weight of the tyre and how dirty it is.

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    After the tyre is collected, what is done with it? After we collect the tyres, we cut them into halves. We then will send them to the landfill directly by truck, but we need to fill out a form for the EPD before we send them. We need to apply for a license to collect the tyres every season.

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    Do you have any plans for change in the future either with collection fees or more environmental procedures? Recently we do not have any plans because we are short of laborers.

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    Where do the tyres come from? Sometimes people come to our company with their tyres directly, and sometimes people will call us to ask about the fees. If they agree with the price, we will go to their place and collect the tyres.


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