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Appendix H: Interview with Jets Technics on Monday, February 5, 2007


So Tat Wing, Chairman John So, Director Assistant Winnie Chan, Director Assistant

  • Q.

    How long has Jets Technics been recycling tyres in Hong Kong?

  • A.

    The business was started approximately twenty years ago by Mr. So Tat Wing,

and they originally produced playground safety mats.

  • Q.

    How many waste tyres per year can you recycle?

  • A.

    We cannot give you a definite answer.

  • Q.

    What range of products can you manufacture here at this facility?

  • A.

    They have two facilities. One simply grinds down rubber tyres. The other can

make a range of rubber products, as well as plastic products.

Q. Who do you manufacture your products for? The government or private industry? A. They manufacture for both, but primarily work on government projects as they started the company manufacturing for the government, such as parks.

  • Q.

    How many people do you currently employ?

  • A.

    Between the office and two manufacturing plants they employ

approximately 300 people.

  • Q.

    Where do the waste tyres that you use come from?

  • A.

    They try and get waste tyres from wherever they can. They collect tyres from

the bus companies as well as other sources, and we even saw a conveyor belt that they were recycling. They also recycle their own products.

  • Q.

    How do the tyres come to you, whole, shredded, crumb?

  • A.

    The tyres come whole and from their they create shreds and crumbs as per

their needs.

  • Q.

    Do you pay to receive the tyres?

  • A.

    Currently they do not pay to receive the tyres, in fact some companies even

pay Jets Technics to collect tyres, but they predict that within the next ten years they will have to pay for tyres, because of the increase in demand.

Q. Are the tyres that you use primarily small tyres or larger heavy vehicle tyres?

A. They use all sorts of tyres ranging in size from small go-kart tyres to large truck tyres.

Q. How do you plan to expand your operations here in Hong Kong?


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