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A. They are looking into new products, such as rubber noise barriers and other products, also they are working on marketing their products in other countries, such as China Japan and Europe.

Q. Is there any competition for recycled waste tyre products in Hong Kong or elsewhere? A. There are other companies that manufacture rubber products around the world, but Jets Technics feels that they bring the best quality at the best price.

  • Q.

    Have you looked into rubber railroad mats for cars to drive on?

  • A.

    They know the markets for scrap tyres. At the moment they are sticking with

their products because they would have to do a lot of R&D in order to consider such a product.

    • Q.

      Have you looked into other rubber products such as rubbersoil?

    • A.

      This question was not asked, as it was not pertinent.

    • Q.

      Are there currently any laws that limit or help your operations?

  • A.

    No, and they like it that way. They would prefer competition so that the

industry can grow. They would like for the government to have as few regulations as possible.

Q. Is there anything done in other countries such as in Europe that you want to adopt?

  • A.

    This question was already answered.

  • Q.

    Do you receive any government subsidies?

  • A.

    No, they do not receive subsidies nor do they want them. They feel that if the

government is going to help one company then they must help all the companies.

We began at their main office, where we were given a brief introduction to their

company and some of our questions were answered. They informed us that it was

very difficult at first, because the people of Hong Kong were not familiar with their

product or anything similar. One of their biggest contracts to date is the stable for the

Beijing Olympics. They also make a product called JRex, which is a product made

from recycled plastic and wood chips. Polymer safety mats come in 3 thicknesses 45,

75, and 110 millimeters. The bottom layer is scrap tyre pieces and the top layer is a

polymer. The polymer is a selling point as it can come in a range of colors.


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