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They enjoy being able to rent land at a discounted rate as land in Hong Kong is

extremely expensive. They also believe that banning waste tyres from landfills could

help their business as well as the industry and market grow.

A lot of power is required to shred tyres and the maintenance costs are high. To

overcome energy and maintenance problems they need to specially design machines

by themselves. At first they didn’t have enough power, but through R&D they were

able to come up with an efficient way to shred tyres. This is a patented technology.

There is a lot of R&D of before they can get it to the market, but the market is needed

first. Eco-purchasing. It’s not necessary to label with Green product, because the

product is very good. Customers are not standard consumers, so they don’t care that

the product is Eco, more focused on if it can perform as well as the conventional


The technology requires many components, which were developed in house and

they set very high standards. They don’t produce any reports, because the R&D team

is constantly improving their technology. The timber is broken into just one type of

shape in order to perform properly in the plastic wood, long thin strips about one inch

long. There are huge nails in the pallets that they use to make JRex, so they have a

specialized machine to remove the nails. He is able to improve the lifespan of his

machines by removing all contaminates first. The Minister of the Environment came

to ask the cost of a factory, but a factory cannot be started with just money it requires



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