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Executive Summary

The invention of the automobile, followed by other motorized vehicles has

resulted in an abundance of wastes that can be difficult or hazardous to process. Used

oil, refrigerant, and scrap tyres are some examples of major wastes generated from

vehicles. Of these, waste vehicle tyres are a bulky and non-biodegradable disposal

problem. The Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong, and countries around the

world, are looking for an outlet for used vehicle tyres, as scrap tyres contain a large

amount of potentially valuable material. In addition, Hong Kong’s government is

concerned with the space issues created by waste tyres in landfills. Professor C.S.

Poon of Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HKPU) has decided to work toward

finding a sustainable system for waste tyre disposal and recycling.

In some countries, methods of recycling tyres using innovative technologies

are already in practice. For example, the Japanese are able to use whole tyres in

concrete for building houses, and the United States has used waste tyres to build

rubber based sidewalks, as well as rubberized asphalt. In Hong Kong, some of the

waste tyre products have been used to build surfaces for playgrounds, and rubbersoil

for use in civil engineering projects. However, many more scrap tyres are being

generated annually than are being reused; therefore, Hong Kong needs more viable

options for waste tyre management. This project aimed to provide HKPU with steps

towards a sustainable reuse and recycling system for scrap tyres.

This HKPU sponsored project was to create a set of recommendations to

alleviate the scrap tyre problem. We developed these steps keeping in mind Hong

Kong’s regulations as well as the residents’ respect for the environment.

Our goal was realized via three objectives. Our first objective was to

determine the scale of the waste tyre problem in Hong Kong. We determined that


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