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harassment in any form, including but not limited to race, gender, religious belief, nationality, disability, or sexual orientation is prohibited. Harassment is defined as unsolicited, offensive behavior, assault, or the display of pictures or other visual material. All harassment should be reported to a teacher, counselor, or administrator. The complaint will be investigated. Disciplinary action against students may include suspension, expulsion, and/or notification of legal authorities.

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    The Demerit System.

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      A student is liable to receive demerits for all infractions of the rules and regulations of Elder and for any misconduct while at school or at any school-sponsored activity. A demerit slip indicates the nature of the offense, the date, and the number of demerits. A demerit slip carries with it the penalty of detention. The student must have this notice of demerits signed by one of his parents/guardian and return it to the Main Office before class the following morning.

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      Students receiving a demerit slip will be assigned one hour of detention for each demerit received. Suspended students are automatically assigned a minimum of 10 hours of detention and 10 demerits.


Detention: The manner of serving detention will be determined by the Dean of Students. Ordinarily, any student who is assigned detention will be required to report to the Detention Moderator in Room 6 on Saturday by 7:55 A.M. The student will be expected to perform the assigned tasks indicated by the Detention Moderator. All school rules apply during detention.

Whenever a teacher finds it necessary to discipline a student (especially with detention), it goes without saying that the penalty takes precedence over other activities (membership in clubs, on teams, working, transportation, etc.) if there is a conflict in time. When severe weather affects Saturday detention, call the school for an announcement regarding the cancellation of detention.

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    Misconduct Report: Misconduct reports may be written by teachers for offenses which are not marked on demerit slips.

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    Discipline Board: The Discipline Board, consisting of faculty members, will be used in helping the Administration and the faculty to handle serious discipline problems. The function of this board will be to work with students who have received excessive demerits, to review any cases of a serious nature referred to it by the Administration or a faculty member, and to investigate and recommend a solution for the students referred.


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