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    Disciplinary Status: If any student accumulates excessive demerits, he will be assigned a Discipline Board advisor.

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      Disciplinary Warning: Students are placed on official warning for accumulating 12 demerits. The purpose of the warning is to alert both the student and the parents that if his misbehavior continues, he could be placed on Disciplinary Probation.

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      Disciplinary Probation: Students are placed on probation for one of two reasons: (1) If suspended (see below) for any reason;

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        An accumulation of 20 demerits. Students placed on probation during the 1st semester will remain under probation until the end of the current school year; those placed on probation during the 2nd semester will remain until the end of the 1st semester of the following school year. Probation serves notice that matters have degenerated to a point that cannot be tolerated. It is an ultimatum that immediate and continued progress must be achieved in order to remain at Elder.

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    Suspension: In the event that a student is suspended, the Dean of Students will inform his parents in writing of the specific reason. Offenses including, but not limited to, the following are considered very serious and make a student liable for suspension (10 demerits): truancy, skipping a class (or part thereof), skipping detention, stealing, deliberate destruction of property (school or private), public disorder, actions which endanger the safety of others (snowball throwing, fireworks, etc.), fighting, and belligerent, hostile, uncooperative or disrespectful conduct toward others. Suspension is the most serious penalty (short of expulsion) given for misconduct. Suspended students are automatically placed on disciplinary probation.

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    Expulsion: The reasons for expulsion include, but are not limited to, the following: accumulation of 35 demerits, violation of the terms of disciplinary probation, repeated acts of misconduct, a second suspension during his years at Elder, very grave offenses, acts which endanger the safety of others, possession of a weapon, delinquency and/or immorality that could result in commitment to a correctional institution or would constitute a definite menace to the morale of the school, incorrigibility, persistent irregular attendance, actions contrary to the philosophy and objectives of Elder High School, possession of, use of, or trafficking in alcohol/drugs (see section I), and for behavior which is harmful to the Elder Community.


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