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The following procedure will be followed in cases of expulsion:

      • Parents will receive written notice stating the reasons for the student’s removal and proposed expulsion.

      • A hearing will be scheduled with school officials and parents at the convenience of both parties.

      • The pastor of the student’s parish will be informed in writing of the expulsion.

      • The superintendent of schools will receive a detailed report of the expulsion.

      • Parents who believe their son has been expelled from Elder for insufficient reason have the right to appeal, in writing, to the superintendent of schools. The decision of the superintendent to either uphold the school or to order the reinstatement of the student is final.

      • The withdrawal of the student will be reported to the Attendance Department of the local public school district.

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      Legal Violations: Civil authorities will be notified when the administration has reason to believe a felony has been committed.

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Absence: Regular attendance is required of every pupil. It is the responsibility of the student to make up assignments/work/notes missed while absent. Absence from school is considered to be either excused or unexcused.

Excused absence includes: illness, quarantine, and death in the immediate family. Doctor appointments should be made at times other than school hours. The school must be informed beforehand of planned absence (out of town for any number of reasons).

Unexcused absence includes: truancy, work, indisposition and slight ailments, parental neglect. Parental neglect is evidenced by such unacceptable explanations as “overslept,” “had to go to the store,” “visiting,” “had to work around the house.” Missing a bus or “ride connections” does not excuse from school. The student is still expected to get to school as soon as possible.

If the student is doubtful about the validity of his reason for absenting himself from school at a future date, he should consult the Dean of Students before proceeding. Excessive excused absence (more than five days in one quarter or more than 15 days in one year, without sufficient mitigating circumstances) can result in the loss of scholastic credit unless the work missed is satisfactorily made up after school or at home. For each day absent over the limit, the student will be assigned one Saturday of detention. Unexcused absence may incur an appropriate penalty.


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