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    Procedures During Absence: Any student who is absent must have one of his parents or his guardian telephone the school Main Office by 9:00 A.M. of the same day.

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    Return From Absence: After any absence the student must present a note at the Main Office no later than 7:45 A.M. of the second day returning to school. The note should indicate the date(s) and the specific reason for the absence from classes. This note must be written and signed by one of his parents or guardian, even in the case of those students who are 18 or over. This written note is always required even though the student’s parents have previously notified the school of the absence by telephone.

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    Late Arrivals: Any student who arrives late to school must first go to the Main Office to check in and obtain a Tardy slip (if the student arrives after the conclusion of the first period he is considered absent and a parental note is required—see #3 above). This must be done before he goes to his locker. He may not go above or below the Main Floor until he has first obtained a Tardy Slip. The slip must be given to the teacher to gain admittance to the classroom. Exceeding two late arrivals per quarter will make a student liable for detention (one hour per occurrence).

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    Early Dismissal: Students will be permitted to depart early from school provided a parental note of explanation is presented at the Main Office before 7:45 A.M. The note should include a phone number for verification. Requests will not be approved without a parent/guardian’s permission. Students failing two or more subjects are not eligible for the seventh period early dismissal from Study Hall privilege.

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    Tardy To Class: Any student who is not in his assigned seat before the bell rings for the beginning of a period, may be assigned a written penalty by his instructor. Penalty work paper to complete teacher- assigned penalties may be picked up at the Main Office after dismissal.

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    Ejection From Class: If a student is ejected from a class or study period, he is to report immediately to the Main Office. Under no circumstances is the student permitted to remain outside the classroom or wander through the building after being ejected. A student permanently ejected from class will receive a suspension and a grade no higher than 60% for the year.

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    Unauthorized Departure: If a student feels that he must leave school before the close of the school day because of illness or other reasons, he must first report to the Main Office and obtain permission from the Principal. Failure to follow this procedure is considered unauthorized departure.


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