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      Any clothing which promotes drugs, alcohol, concerts, or has inappropriate comments/pictures, is not permissible. Clothing with advertisements or writing is also unacceptable. Clothing such as this is not permitted at any time or in any circumstance.

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    Body piercing is not permitted except for one earring in each ear. Gauge earrings are not permitted. In the interests of safety, no dangling earrings are permitted or other jewelry that may constitute a safety hazard or distraction.

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    Shirt: a shirt that buttons from the collar to the bottom of the shirt. Also acceptable are the golf shirts (with collar and buttons) that clearly have an Elder logo or name imprinted on it. Shirts are to be tucked into the trousers (or shorts) during school hours.

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      Undershirt: solid-colored undershirt without print or pictures (including Elder shirts). Long-sleeve undershirts are not to be visible.

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      Sweatshirts: those sold in the Elder Spiritwear Shop with “ELDER” printed in block letters across the chest are acceptable if worn over a collared shirt. Hooded sweatshirts are not acceptable apparel.

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    Shorts: Solid-colored (black, khaki, navy, grey) dress shorts that are not to exceed three inches above or below the knee. Cargo-style shorts ARE acceptable. Styles NOT acceptable would include athletic, Levi’s, denims, jeans, and jean look-alikes. No ripped, torn, or frayed seams or hems. Athletic shoes are permitted only if dress shorts are worn. Dress shorts may be worn during the first three weeks and the final three weeks of the school year.

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    Trousers: dress pants with the waistband at the waist level. Pants with outside pockets and other styles such as cargo pants, nylon pants, Levi’s, denims, or jeans are NOT acceptable. No ripped, torn, frayed, or tattered seams or hems.

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    Shoes: tan, brown, or black type of shoe, not above the ankle level, which is typically worn with dress pants. Shoestrings must be properly tied. These shoes may not be athletic shoes, nor may they resemble athletic shoes in such a way as to create any doubt as to their appropriateness for school (no brand names, logos, stripes, swooshes, stars, or any other characteristics associated with athletic shoes). Other unacceptable footwear would include backless slip-ons, boots, sandals, moccasins, and slippers. Please visit www.ElderHS.net to view examples of acceptable and unacceptable shoes.

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    Socks must be worn with shoes.


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