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    Dress Days: There will be special occasions during the school year when students will be required to wear ties (e.g. the Memorial Mass in November).

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    Purple Days: These days are for the purpose of encouraging school spirit. Any deviation from the normal dress code would be only with distinctly “ELDER” paraphernalia. Gym shoes are permitted only if “ELDER” clothing is worn. All dress items are to be in good repair. The torso is to be covered (i.e. shirts with sleeves). Unacceptable dress would include cut-offs.

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    Theme Days: Acceptable dress must include all of the following: shoes, socks, pants, and a shirt. All dress items are to be in good repair (i.e. no holes, rips, etc.). The emphasis is on personal expression in order to benefit the organization sponsoring the theme day.

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    Physical Education: Special clothing is required for Physical Education. Each student must wear a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt. Students are also encouraged to have a gym carry-all bag which is in good condition. Valuables should be stored in the student’s school locker or under the supervision of the teacher during physical education class. Gym clothes may only be carried in the gym bag. Gym clothes may not be stored at school. The student is expected to take them home each time after use.

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    Respect for School Property: Proper care of school property is the responsibility of every Elder student. All school property must be used properly by the student. Restitution must be made for all school property which is damaged or destroyed.

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      Lockers: Students are assigned a school locker in which they may secure their belongings. Each student is expected to keep his locker in good order, not allowing refuse to accumulate in it. This locker is subject to inspection. The locker is always to be kept properly locked. No student may use another student’s locker even with the permission of the other student.

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    Locks: The lock issued by the school must be used on the locker. No other type of lock is to be used. Each student is responsible for proper use of the lock furnished. A defective lock is to be brought to the Main Office immediately. Tampering with the lock of another is prohibited. The lock combination should never be revealed to any other student.

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    Replacement of Locks: If a lock is damaged or lost, the student will be charged $10 for a replacement. This replacement must be obtained within 24 hours. Any student wishing to obtain the combination for his lock may do so at the Main Office.


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