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    Classroom Regulations: Every student is to follow the specific rules set up by each teacher for his/her classroom. The student is not to loiter in the corridors or to stand in the classroom doorways. He is to go to his assigned place and be seated before the bell rings. The bell at the beginning of class is a signal for silence. The door to the classroom must be open any time the teacher is not in the room. Windows, blinds, or furnishings in the rooms are not to be touched without permission.

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    Corridor, Elevator, and Stairway Regulations: While classes are in session, no student is permitted in the corridors and on the stairways, except with permission. No running is permitted in the corridors or on the stairways. The elevator may only be used with a pass available from the Dean of Students. Boisterous behavior is prohibited at all times and at all places within the building except the gymnasium.

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    Cafeteria Regulations: Every student is to eat only in the cafeteria. Seniors are afforded a special lunch privilege to use the Rudemiller Commons. Packed lunches, edible and drink items are to be placed in the student’s locker and retrieved at the beginning of the assigned lunch period. Food or drink may not be taken from the cafeteria. Each student is responsible for the return of his lunch tray and dishes to the dishwasher, and the proper disposal of refuse. At all times, he must follow the directives of the teachers who supervise the cafeteria. Sodexho Corporation has an exclusive contract for the food service at Elder. Students are free to bring their lunch from home. Under the contract with Sodexho, no food is permitted to be brought in from other vendors at lunch time.

During his lunch period, a student is permitted only in the cafeteria, East Lobby, Library, Ticket Office, Supply Store, Main Office, or Guidance Complex. To go any place else requires the permission of a cafeteria proctor. Each student should store his books and book bag in his locker during his lunch period.

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    Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs.

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      Tobacco: Tobacco products of any type (e.g. cigarettes, dip, chew, etc.) are never permitted in the school buildings or in the vicinity of school immediately before, during, or after school, as well as any school-related event.


Alcohol and Drugs include, but are not limited to, look-alikes, hallucinogens, and controlled substances. Possession of or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs anywhere in the vicinity of the school or at school-related function (including functions sponsored by another archdiocesan high school) make a student liable for each of the following:


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