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    Vehicle Registration: Any student who drives to school must register the vehicle’s license plate on-line through his student portal. Directions to register the car will be given to the students at the start of the school year. It makes no difference where the vehicle is parked, whether in the school lot or on the street. This applies to all vehicles the student may drive to school, even if it is not the vehicle he normally drives. The purpose of this rule is to prevent the interruption of classes and to maintain order in the school’s parking lot. Students who do not comply with this regulation may have their vehicles towed.

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    Access to Parking Areas, Cars: No students are permitted for any reason to loiter before school in the parking areas, nor are students permitted to go to their cars during school hours for any reason without explicit permission from the Main Office.

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    Responsible Driving: Students who drive cars or motorcycles must operate them in a cautious manner. Reckless driving in the vicinity of Elder or Seton makes a student liable to expulsion because of the danger to lives and property. “Parades” before or after school or connected with any school activity are not permitted because of the traffic/safety problems they create for the entire community.

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    Library/Media Center: The Library is fully accredited in accord with the state accreditation agencies. Library/Media Center hours are from 7:30 A.M. to 3:45 P.M. unless otherwise announced. To use the Library/Media Center during the school day, it is necessary for the student to obtain a Permit Slip from his teacher of record and present it to the librarian upon arrival at the Library/Media Center. The student should retrieve the slip from the librarian five (5) minutes before the end of the period and present it to his teacher of record when he returns to class or study hall. No student will be permitted the use of the Library/Media Center unless he has a Permit Slip. Students should also have a valid library card for The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. This will allow access to “card holder only” resources.

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    Telephone Calls: A student may not be called from the classroom to answer a telephone. When an emergency exists at home, the Main Office should be given the message; this message will in turn be forwarded to the student in the classroom. Parents are asked to take note of this rule. Personal messages or messages concerning work which are not of an emergency nature will neither be taken by the Office nor forwarded to the student.

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    Classroom Equipment: Students may use classroom equipment only with the instructor’s permission and supervision.

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    Internet Acceptable Use Policy (AUP): Internet access is available to all students of Elder High School who have a signed (by student and


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