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Working in partnership with the parents of our students and our surrounding communities, Elder High School will endeavor to prepare students to be lifelong seekers of both knowledge and skills, and to be followers of Jesus Christ in word and in deed.

Consistent with this statement, we will strive to accomplish the following goals:

  • A.

    To enable each student to prepare for his immediate post high-school career, providing the requisite academic courses for achieving these ends;

  • B.

    To prepare the student to make his own personal life decisions by discussing and teaching the Roman Catholic tradition, its principles, values and attitudes;

  • C.

    To provide the facilities and personnel for educational, vocational, and personal guidance on an individual and group basis;

  • D.

    To assist the student in the continuing formation of his conscience that he might realize the potential of his freedom and be responsible in his actions;

  • E.

    To make the student aware of his Christian responsibility to face up to and seek a just solution for contemporary personal and social problems;

  • F.

    To provide the student a variety of meaningful liturgical and paraliturgical experiences;

  • G.

    To provide the proper appreciation for U. S. citizenship and the responsibility incumbent upon anyone with this dignity;

  • H.

    To teach acceptance, understanding, and appreciation of a multitude of cultures, religions, and ethnicities as we educate the student to be part of an ever-increasing global community and economy;

  • I.

    To make available possibilities of cultural refinement by promoting an appreciation of all forms of the arts and encourage creativity in articulate self-expression;

  • J.

    To offer a broad program of extra-curricular activities, which might enable and encourage the young man to make positive use of his leisure time.


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